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Unread postby Wayne » Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:19 pm <>

Tue, 3 Mar at 14:10


Firstly I wish to thank you for your mail and interest in doing business with me. I am actually not very knowledgeable when it comes to the price of GOLD, hence I will plead with you to forgive my earlier calculation about the worth of the GOLD. Like I mentioned in my previous letter to you I am Mr. Ernst Berger the Head of Equity Advisory of NIBC Capital Partners Inc a company based in Nigeria which handles LARGE DEPOSITS OF CASH/ GOLD/ DIAMOND ETC for privileged clients and politicians.

For the purpose of this business our client was a CUSTOMS officer who was kidnapped by BANDITS/TERRORIST sometime in January 2020 and was eventually KILLED in the northern part of Nigeria please see link for further details ( ... index.html)

Before his untimely death this Customs officer had deposited 1200 KILO GRAMS OF GOLD with our company for shipment to his foreign buyers before his unfortunate kidnap and eventual death in the hands of this bandits. My proposal is for you to ACT as his business partner and claim this GOLD so that it can be delivered to your house address, while you get a buyer for it and we share the sale profit at 50% as the business initiator while 40% is for you and we set 10% aside for expenditures that might occur in the process of actualizing this business venture.

This is a very lucrative DEAL and all documentations are intact and available, which I will send to you upon your acceptance to work with me as a partner. For a start kindly send me the following details;

1. Names
2. Residential address
3. Functional telephone number

Please get back to me ASAP. My e-mail is (

Mr. Ernst Berger
Head of Equity Advisory
NIBC Capital Partners Inc ABUJA NIGERIA
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Unread postby Big Al » Thu May 28, 2020 8:56 pm


Quite a long time , I have been here waiting for you to get back to me so that i can deliver your package and go back home. I know thing are difficult with you i never to stay back long in the state like this but the fact remain that am trying to see how i can assist you.

I got a contact with a small loan company who is willing to assist you get a loan and pay the charges but i should have been the one to collect the loan and make the payment upon delivering the package you pay back my money. But the fact remain that i do not have an account in the USA hence am writing you to send down your banking details so that the funds can be credited into your account and i then inform you the best way to send it to me.

Please we need to get these done so that i can go back home. Below is the information i need from you,

1. Account Number
2. Routing Number
3. Name of Bank
4. Telephone number

As soon as i get these information and the money is credited to your account i will let you know.

Please do get back to me am waiting.

Roger Coe.
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