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Post up any 419 emails you received. All persons/companies depicted in these emails are either fictitious or have had their identities copied/stolen by the scammers.
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Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:00 pm a partagé un fichier OneDrive avec vous. Pour l’afficher, cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous.

Good evening to you
Since a few days we are still trying to leave the messages concerning the arrest of your scammer and his accomplices but you do not answer any more message until we are already in the final phase and now your scammer is already locating and it is necessary now that interpol police do its work to stop them but we would like to have a phone call with you on the real phone number and here is your phone number that you had to leave still do not pass. So please kindly answer us in the shortest possible time as soon as possible so that we can begin the procedure of the trap against your scammers who are already capture in photo and locate by our GPS system automatic walo walo so please quickly answer us. You will find attached an image of its scammers networks that are photographed from a distance and it is time we go into the trap to stop them.

Regards Inspector Houdegnon Richard

Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:38 pm

Good evening

we have received your message and we thank you . But to go faster in this investigation since your phone number is not currently available while waiting for your return in a few days from abroad please register on the SKYPE account by following the link that we will send you to follow the form to open the SKYPE account because this is the only quickest way to discuss quickly so that we can explain to you the plan that needs to be established to get hold of your scammers in question . Here is the link for below to create the SKYPE account please follow the form to do it this will take you only 10 minutes thank you . Thank you for the understanding waiting to read you

Creation of the skype account :

Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:50 am

Good evening to you

we just received your message but concerning the opening of your skype account by putting on your Skype speudo that you had sent us, we could not find your skype profile so we will give you our own skype address so that you will try to add us by leaving us a message as soon as possible and here is our skype address : just copy or write our email Address in the skype search bar and you will find us with a CRS image font logo ; your scammers are already located and we expect your collaboration once after having chat with you on skype to explain to you the way we will trap his scammers and get their hands on them to have our instructions , we will give you about tracking his scammers . Thank you waiting to read to you as soon as possible .

Skype address :


Join us on Skype by clicking on the link below

https:/ /

Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:15 am


no sorry we couldn't find you on skype so we sent you back the skype link so that you can access it on the skype link to get back in direct contact with us just follow the link to access our skype profile we are now online to chat with you tonight if you are available .

Here is our speudo : policeinterpolmondial_1 send an invitation on skype Please add or return your skype correctly as you miswritten your skype address .


Join us on Skype by clicking on the link below

ADRESS SKYPE : https:/ /

Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:25 pm

Good evening , we need to talk to you about how the investigation sued serum so that we could get ahold of her wrongdoers and I told you the other day in the messages that we already located her wrongdoers who defrauded you a lot of money., but we had to ask your booby-trapped contribution to pay off its wrongdoers to stop them as soon as possible so that they don't change yet another place where they hide to pay off their group in order to keep stealing from other naive people like you .Please add us on hangout because we have already sent the invitation of the year to hangout on your gmail account : in case you won't be able to connect to hangout gold skype then we would be forced to explain you by e-mail , how the investigation will be done by your collaboration to catch his escocs in question .
here is our address :

Thank you for waiting to read You Again

Good evening

We inform you that this weekend is not easy for our organization to fight against cybercrime. Indeed we made contact with this lady Mary MENSAH by posing for you. We'll be laying out a trap plan to stop your main rogue. It is urgent for the arrest of your crook.


Tue Dec 10, 2019 9:12 pm

Good evening

We inform you that this weekend is not easy for our organization to fight against cybercrime. Indeed we made contact with this lady Mary MENSAH by posing for you. But since you are currently on the move and are coming back to the US on December 12, 2019, we'll be laying out a trap plan to stop your main rogue. Thank you for confirming your date of return home, because it is urgent for the arrest of your crook.


The investigations have been going on since this afternoon with your crooks Mary MENSAH and her accomplices by making them believe that it is you who is writing them to send them the money that they are asking you for the 6000 American dollars . Indeed this crook has for real identity Adekambi Paul it is the gang leader and this is an African man who lied to you using fake profiles of a woman to rip you off who is always looking for easy gain and does not know now that he is in discussion with the police .
We come therefore , by this mail you explain how the trap will unfold . Since you're overseas we'll just wait for you to arrive on December 12th to be in cooperation with you to trap his crooks because we couldn't get our hands on his crooks without your presence already being the plaintiff, it's time to take action already this Thursday or Friday you had to be back from your trip so we can start arresting his crooks this weekend because they're all complicit according to our investigations thanks to our automatic GPS system, and we inform you in addition that we have already managed to have the 5 true passports of its crooks, we will proceed thus while waiting for your arrival to start the weekend because it really needs your online presence to give you from time to time how the arrest will be made, so we will guide you and leave his new complete address that he uses here in Beninese territory after having fled for benin.

NB: we reassure you that this is only a charm operation that works 100% and you will receive all your money that has already been ripped off by its crooks once we get hold of its networks of criminal who will be brought before the justice the same day because it is just a trap ,this operation lasts barely 03H of the time , and all your money will be returned the same day without any worries. But we'd have to keep a low profile for the success of the operation, otherwise his crooks are too smart and fast . Please log on to skype or Hangout internet so that we can give you more details about this arrest of the for this weekend scheduled for 9: 00 AM According to your availability as it necessarily requires your online presence before the launch of operations to put its crooks in jail.

We inform you that the internet is a means of communication and not an instrument of fraud and it is what we are defended in the whole world against its outlawed individuals.Relying on your sense of collaboration and understanding ,
Sincerely ,

Cordially , a Judicial Police Officer

Houndegnon Richard .

Thu Dec 12, 2019 11:33 pm

Good evening ,

We made contact with Mary MENSAH has made believe that we will be able to make him a transfer monneygramm 3000USD Friday, December 13 at 17H, time of BENIN is about 10H US time. Indeed as you have explained in the last mail, we must trap this scammer for his immediate arrest so that you are reimbursed and compensated. How will the trap take place, you will settle a monneygramm transfer of 3000 USD to the address that your swindler gave us (NAME: MENSAH, FIRST NAME: MARY, CITY: COTONOU, COUNTRY: BENIN), once you do it. transfer, you sent us a copy of the slip so that our computer expert can secure the transfer, that we are certain that your money is under control, we will position our men dressed in civilian agencies or this scammer MENSAH Mary withdraws transfer money. As soon as all perimeters are closed and will be under surveillance, we will reconct again your escro by posing for you to send him the slip. This scammer will withdraw the money when we get his hands on it, and present it to the prosecutor of the Republic so that you are refunded and compensated. Do not worry, , the damage is double to triple the money that this scammer has stolen.

So you must also know that you will have your 3000 USD, the same day because it is simply a charming operation, so a trap.

Also, we will put the whole operation online for you to have the video of the arrest of your crook.

So we are just waiting for you, so that the trap can be held on Friday, December 14 at 17H,

Thank you for your understanding waiting to read you

Sincerely, Richard.

Sat Dec 14, 2019 3:28 am

Good evening

We have received your message in which you let us know that you are stuck at MONNEYGRAMM, WESTERN UNION, RIA. The bank transfer option will take enough time and could distort our trap strategy, which is why we have taken care to check a bitcoin deposit agency not far from your home: So we are going to give you a QR code which is the bitcoin address on which you have to deposit $ 3,000 for the trap to be held. So please tell us when is what you need to do the bitcoin repository, because the bitcoin addresses are generated instantly. Also to send the video of the arrest of your scammer, you must be available for instant chats via Skype or HANGOOT. So we send you a secure skype on which we can write to you and send the photos of your rogue and the video, this to facilitate the task. Here is the connection information for this skype


Password: BencarmXXXX


Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:24 am

Good morning

We have just read you and we want to tell you that you must from your bank withdraw the 3000USD in cash then after going to the Bitcoin agency that we indicated in the previous email. You must tell us exactly where you would be bitcoin's address because the QR code of the bitcoin account is automatically generated every 01h, which means clearly that you must be at the bitcoin agency for with your 3000USD in cash before we will send the QR code for you to deposit. For further assistance please tell us what time you need to go to the Bitcoin office, so that we can instantly provide you with the information for the bitcoin deposit.

Thanks for understanding .


We have communicated the situation to one of our colleagues who is located in the USA in Philadelphia, then you can make the direct deposit of 3000 USD, on his bank account which allows him to make the transfer to the name MARY MENSAH for the trap. So you can go and withdraw the 3000 $ from your bank then you will go to the WELLS FARGO bank, to make the direct deposit on his account whose bank references are below:

NAME: Alain L.
RTG NUMBER: 031202084

PS : See the adress of the bank Wells Fargo

Please keep us informed as soon as the deposit is made.

Cordially .

Sun Dec 15, 2019 8:15 pm

In this case, you must go to the BITCOIN agency, so please keep me informed so that I can send you the QR code on which the deposit will be made.


We try to call you , but the number you give us , i not going . Please confirm us your number is or call us one of this number :

Africa: +229 90 07 36 44
Europe: +336 44 69 12 37 (whatsapp)

For bitcoin deposit , you must go on bitcoin agency and we will send you the QR code . Now if you are very busy , you can also make bank transfert to a bank account number , we send you to WELLS FARGO .

But it’s will good to speak with you on phone , then you will not lose again your time .

Thanks .
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