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Unread postby Wayne » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:52 pm

Dear Beloved

Mrs. Maryam Sabah <>

24 Jun at 17:51

Dear Beloved,

I write today with great hope and expectations and i know this email will come to you by surprise, My name is
Maryam Noor Al- Sabah, a Kuwait national. My husband late Kalil Al-Sabah and I lived in the United Kingdom till
his deteriorating Health condition, at the request of his elder brother we brought him home since we are from
the Kuwait Royal family. Unfortunately he passed away 9 months after we arrived Kuwait.

While he was sick i made a trip to the Bank After we liquidated all assets except for the house in Kuwait where
i reside presently, and deposited $19.6 million usd at a foreign Bank in North America -we believe it is the
safest place to keep the money, it was his dying wish that funds be used for investment and charity. I
presently cannot leave Kuwait because I'm still mourning and I have my doubt about my Inlaws good will.

The money we left at the Bank was more imprtant to them than his health because they keep asking repeatedly how
much did my husband leave and what bank is the funds deposited, even while he was sick they were more concerned
about the money then his health. since I am a woman with no child and my movement here is restricted, I want to
make sure if anything happens the money will be in safe hands and you will help us fulfill my husbands dying
wish. I was introduced to a lawyer who I believe will help us facilitate the transfer of this funds and place
you as beneficiary. I will be glad if you can send some of your personal details;

- Full Name, Age, House Address , Private Email and Personal Phone Number.

I am praying and I have absolute trust that this project will go well, I need your commitment and dedication for
the benefit of others and the noble work which you're about to embark upon.
Trusting you will not fail me.
I will be expecting your urgent response.
Madam Maryam N Al- Sabah

Dear Beloved,
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