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Property Deed & Birth Certificate Scams Target Wayne County

Fri May 31, 2019 3:39 pm ... ne-county/

Property Deed & Birth Certificate Scams Target Wayne County
A new scam is targeting Wayne County residents.

According to the Wayne County Register of Deeds, Property Profile, Inc., a company in California, has mailed out letters asking local citizens to send back money to obtain a copy of their property’s recorded deed.

The thing is, those documents are available at your local Register of Deeds Office faster and at a much cheaper price.

Wayne County Register of Deeds Judy Harrison says many of the of these documents can be obtained for free by visiting the office’s website.

There is a nominal fee for the documents if you visit the Register of Deeds Office.

This type of scam is not limited to real estate documents.

Harrison says scammers will also try to get you spend big bucks to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.

Harrison says the scam is not just targeting Wayne County.

Once a person realizes they fall victim to the scam, they have basically no recourse for getting that money back.

The Wayne County Register of Deeds Office performs a variety of services for citizens including real estate documents, powers of attorney and birth certificates.

The services are listed on

You can also contact the office directly by calling 919-731-1449.
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