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Unread postby Wayne » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:34 pm

Sent to my site email.

Irs Internal revenue service Balance due notice CT54

Final reminder: Notification of Intent to levy (seize) your current state tax refund.

Due immediately: $934.24
Our files show that you have unsettled amount for the year closing 12/31/2017 (Form 1040A). In cases where you will not call us promptly, we possibly may levy (seize) your property or perhaps legal rights to personal property together with any state tax reimbursement and apply it into the sum you owe.

Get your payment Invoice

Link goes to http://forklift- georgia. com/ ?8Y217a=QMdOD0SICqSQlHTGXUQYCQi
You are witnessing this warning for the reason that you are subscribed to our warnings via Internal revenue service.

In the event that you no more want to receive alerts, please sign in to your Internal revenue service profile to temporarily deactivate or forever delete these types of notifications.
The following warning is provided to your account electronically through the service. Please don't Write back.
Handle your personal account, change your security settings or email address, or stop warning signals at any time on your Personal preferences Page.

In case you might have concerns or troubles with our service, you should email us .

The following service plan is being sent to you absolutely free by the Internal Revenue Service. This message was sent via: IRS 1475 Structure St. S.E. Washington DC 21532.
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