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The FAQs of life. Things your momma was too embarrassed to tell you about scammers.
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Reporting a Scammer's Profile or Email Address? Don't!

Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:49 pm

When you find out that you're communicating with a scammer, a natural reaction you'll have is to report the scammer to his email host company, such as yahoo/hotmail etc.

You might think us mad but we strongly advise you not to do so. Why? Well the scammer will have his account suspended and will no longer be able to use. Result! - you might think. But the answer is more complicated than that. We want as many people to know that is a scammer - so we encourage you to post here, with the scammer's full email address and his emails to you.

Plus all the photos and the phone numbers that he's using. We want you to stop communicating with the scammer, block his calls and emails, block his social networking accounts.

This way the scammer stays in blissful ignorance that we're onto him, right?

The next potential victim comes along and may just Google the email address, the phone number or google search the photo. And they will be led to this site and be warned.

If the scammer's email address has disappeared, the scammer will simply find another host and another email address.

So you know what to do, right? Block the scammer, don't report him to his email host and post the information here, OK?

The same goes for scammers' social profiles online, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts, free dating site profiles, etc. Do not report them to the hosts to be closed.

The only exceptions are scammer accounts that hold videos of you used for blackmailing, like YouTube, SendVid, and the like, or impostor Facebook accounts of you. These should be reported and closed.


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