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Pictures of the people hiding behind the stolen photos. You can also find details of any scammers stupid enough to join our forum.
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MUGU OF THE MONTH Yussif Ankawise

Fri May 25, 2018 5:49 am

MUGU OF THE WEEK Yusif Ankawise

Ankawise Yussif
Vodaphone mobile account.

Ankawise Yussif thought he would be a smartass and try to remove his own scam report here by writing to us, as it seems we are ruining his "business," and embarassing him. He is rather a dumbass goat for even attempting such a move on us. For this feeble attempt to try to restore his fake scamming self's "reputation," he gets the MUGU OF THE WEEK AWARD. The post stays, and he gets his ass booted off of here.

"He who enters the hornets nest will pay. And a chicken digs out the blade that kills it," you dumbass scamming fool, OOOOOOOO!!!
You will die, you will die, you will DIE.

He even has on his own FaceBook Account the following:

"It's Only Here In Kumasi Where You Will Find Fraudsters Who Are So Proud Of Their Fraudulent Activities To Extend That Some Even Feel Honoured To Be Tagged And Called "SCAMMERS".
How You Make Your Money Should Be Something Confidential And Private To You And Only You Regardless Of Been Legal OR Illegal."

Oh, so he does not like being exposed as a scammer, and thinks nobody has the right to report his fraudulent activity, "for secirity reasons?" Don''t make me laugh at your idea of some kind of executive privilege and your right to keep your scamming private between you and your vulnerable victims, you piece of shit. What you need is a tyre tied around around you neck and a big fire instead, guyman mumu like you.

You can see his real life goaty face. proof of all his scamming activities, and all of his profiles reported here:

Re: MUGU OF THE MONTH Yussif Ankawise

Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:23 pm

Mr. MUGUMAN YUSSIF writes to our admin again, in another lame attempt to convince us that he is not a scamming goat.

From: ankawise yussif <>
Sent: Thursday, June 7, 2018 3:11 PM

Acknowledging you as the sole owner or administrative member of with all due respect and an honor for creating such a public awareness about internet scam.You are are doing a great job.

However, I would like to write to you about my sincere opinion about a portion of information been fed on your website which to me contains some misconduct and partially professional.I don't know how you got your information,what evidence you had and the connection between the name and respective images proving it scam related before feeding it onto your website.It is your website and you are entitled to post what ever that you want but viewer complaint can never be ignored.

I sent an email to the email id's on your website and the next thing noticed was that the email sent was a headline on the website which is not a problem.I know this email too is going to be another headline again and its okay too.What do you expect for attaching an email id on your website?You have to bear in mind your website was created to create public awareness of which viewer suggestion should be expected.I took my time and i read through your website.Its not about been smart or trying to be smart just as you wrote.Am just doing what anyone would do when caught up in a situation like this.Am not a scammer,never been one and will never be one and that is why i sent you an email to register a viewer complaint.However, Misconductly you choose to respond the other way way round.

Identity theft and impersonation is something really going on the internet which you and I at least are aware of it with innocent people been victims in most cases.That female on your website of which supposedly her pictures has been used by me for a fraudulent skype profile account for scam related purpose is completely false.

Check the date that post was first uploaded to your website and how many years is it now before my email was sent? And ever since then has there been anyone who have ever tried to write to you a viewer complaint as I do?My complaint is only about a portion of which has a name same as mine with a picture which was posted by myself on my social media which still do exist up to date.

You can choose not to believe what am saying but logical reasoning can not be ignored if the truth must be told.Take a moment to think over it.My name is not a feminine type so how does that make any sense to use a stolen picture of an unknown female together with mine to create a fraudulent profile for scam related activity?I do not know how that even became possible as reported on your website and I sincerely would like to know what is the connection between the name and the respective images making it scam related?Do you have any solid proof and how is that related to my image?

That post on your website does not make my life worse neither any better with all what been said simply because it has nothing to do with me.Today it's me and tomorro it could be you or someone close to you having their identity clowned and used to undertake a criminal activity.I do not blame you what been is posted.You are entitled to to pass your opinion about it.Not everything we hear or see is the truth.

However,if your website was created to geniunely assist the public which includes me then my complaint can not be ignored for any reason.Kindly write me back if you have any question related question.

My Sincere Regards.
Thank you

I have changed your title to MUGU OF THE MONTH for trying to fool us and everyone else for the second time.
Would you like me to send you a shovel to dig your own grave? Send me your address in Kumasi, and I'll send one of my bois down from Tamale to hand one to you in person and take pictures for me.
And I resent being called "partially professional," and engaging in misconduct. Scammers who deny the facts should always be told just what they are, and what needs to be done with them. You need to apologize for that and give me your phone number, goat, so I can call you up and you can say you are sorry for insulting me and all the staff here. :P
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