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Blackmail Scamming Mugu of the week - gregdikovgm

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Blackmail Scamming Mugu of the week - gregdikovgm

Unread postby SlapHappy » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:16 pm

This moron from Cote D'Ivoire thought he could sneak on here and post his ridiculous scaring and threatening post here.
We were not born yesterday, and could smell his stink as soon as he arrived.
He was deactivated, and now he wins Mugu of the week award, a trip back to his goat barn in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, that is if the goats do not mind that he smells worse than they do. :P

His scammy details:

Skype name: Dada Yerima
Skype profile ID: live:gregdikovgm

Skype name: dada
Skype profile ID: dada45566

One of his old scams, a fake event:
https:/ /

Discreet playtime
Saturday October 11th – Monday October 13th 2014
Luxurious apartment

Booking closed
Sorry, bookings for this event are now closed.
Ticket Price Fees Quantity
Deluxe $750.00 $9.90 Closed
You get the presidential package plus entry for 4
Singles $150.00 $4.50 Closed
For a single person
Gold $400.00 $9.90 Closed
For 2 person plus you get free stuffs(sex toys)
Prices in USD - US Dollar

This is a very discreet adult event organized quarterly.We have been in the adult event scene for a while now and have decided to start our outfit with class.We have taken huge steps to invite some adult movie models and cam girls plus this time to spice things up you get an official video invitation from one of our models for purchasing more than 3 tickets.Our site is undergoing some maintenance so you can contact for more info.Join our soiree and have the time of your life!
More information about this event
Our site

Short link
https:/ /

Starts: Saturday, October 11th 2014 at 9:00pm
Ends: Monday, October 13th 2014
Add to calendar: Google • Apple • Outlook • Other

Bookings close: October 2nd 2014

Luxurious apartment
404 NW 10th Ave LL1
United States
Contact details
This event is organized by Discreet playtime.

Telephone 202-282-3124
Contact the event organizer
Lost or not received your tickets?
Number billable as geographic
Country or destination United States
City or exchange location Westchester, DC
Original network provider Verizon Washington, Dc Inc.
Redirected VOIP phone number.
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