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Pictures of the people hiding behind the stolen photos. You can also find details of any scammers stupid enough to join our forum.
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Mugu Of The Week - Ghana Scammer Robert123456789

Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:28 pm

Congratulations, Robert! You proved that you are indeed a rare breed of stupid MUGU. :twisted:
You tried and failed miserably to join our anti-scam site.

Robert's email address:

His scamming fake FB profile:
FB Robert Williams
https:/ / Robert-Williams/100008316615268

Robert is abusing a stolen picture of a police officer in New Jersey.
He is probably running romance or trunkbox scams impersonating soldiers in Afghanistan.

Ulili si na-ejekete ije si tuo nkwa oso maka ihe oso e mee. :twisted:
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