Do NOT tell your scammer he is posted here, or report their accounts as it puts others at risk!

Hurel Caroline - erotilink

Scammers blackmailing people over webcam footage or photographs. Sometimes referred to as "sextortion". Your first port of call should be for the steps needed.

Hurel Caroline - erotilink

Unread postby SlapHappy » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:37 pm

Form received 2019-11-30 03:54:19

What name did the scammer use?:
Hurel Caroline

How old did the scammer say they were?:

What site/app did you first meet the scammer on? Please provide a link if
https:/ /

Who made the first contact?:
They contacted me first.

If they asked you to leave the site/app and go elsewhere, where did they
take you?:

Scammer's Skype name.:

Scammer's Skype username (right click their photo/avatar and click "view

How much money did they demand?:

Name you were told to send the money to.:
Hurel sussane - hermine bedoree -armelle bedoree

What country/city were you told to send the money to?:

How were you to send the money ?:
Western Union - moneygram- monisnap

What steps, if any, have you already taken to block the scammer?:
Ho bloccato il soggetto su skype

Are there any other details you wish to share? Anything you say may help
prevent someone else from being scammed.:
Dice di essere una ballerina di 26 anni con la madre malata di cancro.
If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time.
Blackmail Scammed? Go here:
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Victim of a scam? Go here: ... =3&t=26504
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