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How did this happen?

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How did this happen?

Unread postby Daniel_in_Iowa » Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:44 am

My wife and I have recently descended into financial problems, upon my return from military deployment overseas. For reasons too lengthy to enumerate, we fell behind in our mortgage and in the children's Catholic school tuition.

I started an account on to try to raise the children's past-due tuition, so we could register them for next year,but it was going nowhere.
My wife is friends with a famous radio personality, with a huge fan base and a large network of colleagues. She asked him to look at the fundraiser on indiegogo, and if he was so moved, to publicize it, to give it some attention. When he asked her what amount we needed, she told him $2,850.
Time went by, and out of nowhere, a check for that exact amount showed up at the house. I am out of town, so I do not know the exact details, but my wife tells me the UPS envelope had the return address of a trucking company in Henderson, NV, and inside was a check that was drawn on an account belonging to "Subway Prado", Plantation, FL. No paperwork of any kind, just a single check, with no detachable section.
When she told me about it, I asked her if it was a loan, and if she cashed it, would we be assumed to have accepted the terms. She said none of that was present, so we agreed she should take it to the bank.

<short background>
Over 30 years ago, we were in a financial crisis, with no food in the house, and no gas in the car. Thanksgiving was 2 days away, and the mood at home was anxious and depressed. I went to the mailbox that morning, and inside was a blank envelope, full of coupons for everything that makes up a Thanksgiving meal, all absolutely free. We tried and tried, but never turned up even one clue that led us to who may have given us that envelope. I have always considered that a gift of Providence.
</short background>

We imagined that this check might fit into that category as well, and considered it an answer to fervent prayer.

She deposited it, paid off a few bills, did some shopping for food, and made arrangements to settle our debt with the school.

Then, the bank called; the check was a fraud. They didn't threaten her, but let her know we could be brought up on Federal charges for having deposited that check.

My question is, how can we find out who sent us that check, which was drawn from a valid account, with the company owner's signature on it, but fraudulant, nonetheless.

Needless to say, with what she had spent after depositing the check, we were overdrawn after they subtracted it from our balance. Now, instead of wondering at God's providence, she is wondering why anyone would do such a thing, to get our hopes up, only to be dashed.

Has anyone heard of such a thing before?
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Re: How did this happen?

Unread postby SlapHappy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:46 am

This is not a usual internet scammer here. Scammers never send fake checks without saying, "Keep a lesser amount for yourself, and wire me back the excess money." It seems that someone saw your website plea for money and sent a fake check, wanting you to get in trouble. Why? There are a lot of psychopaths in this world, who just might get thrills from doing evil things like this to people. You should make a police report, if you have not already. Perhaps they can trace the ups account or other information from the package to either see who sent it, the psycho, or maybe another innocent person duped to do it. The account used to send it could also be a stolen account number from someone or some company, and if so they should be warned.
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