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Advice for reporting known Josie model scammer

Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:02 am

Hi - I am currently going through a nasty divorce and unusual to your forum I am a woman whose husband immediately was scammed from "" by a Ghana Josie model scammer and fell madly in love with her -
I knew as a woman something wasnt right about the way he was so enamored with a Skype only convo and he was so smitten that this "Esther" would replace me after 17yrs of marriage he went as far as introducing my young daughter to "her" and had them chat on Skype several times. Once I discovered all of this seemingly insane behavior over a girl he had never met I started investigating on my own - so much so that once I raised questions to my soon to be Ex and she was at the same time asking for money for Visa and plane fare he finally believed me and dropped her like a hot potato.
The problem is that in order for my guise to work and to satiate my own curiousity as to how one could enchant by Skype alone - I befriended this girl who chats with me every night - I even told her I know all of her 15-20 aliases yet I don't judge her nor her living conditions to do such a thing - well I finally succeeded in gaining her trust and she opened up to me and informed me that she is a man gave me her/his real name and confessed to using pre recorded video dubbed -
Armed with this knowledge - I am a good person who cares and doesn't want others to get hurt however who do I go to the FBI? I'm not sure - I don't want to cause myself issue as he trusts me and I am single for the first time in years and don't have a man to protect me from threats yet I cannot bear to see the depravity of how he uses men's emotions for financial gain- heck I am almost jealous in the love dept since I am pretty and sweet and caring to a fault - yet there aren't men pining over rescuing me from the horrific marriage I just escaped - so please advise as this is a most unusual circumstance and I have all that he has said on a text app for proof - and to the guys out there don't give up on the good ones there are so many of us - we just don't always feel safe on dating sites and would love to meet a man that cares for us as some of you have for a mirage of trickery and deceit - kindest regards k

Re: Advice for reporting known Josie model scammer

Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:06 am

To be straight with you, our advice would be to drop the scammer like a hot potato. Not another word to him. Now, let me explain why. What you're describing is what we've seen dozens of times before. The scammer knows he's not getting any more money from your ex so he's slowly trying to wheedle his way into your life now. No doubt, down the line he'll have some excuse why he needs you to send him money. It could be for an emergency or to help keep him on the straight and narrow. You may think that you'll tell him no if it happens, but the scammers are very good at what they do. We've seen others fall into the same trap before. Secondly, your talking to him is educating him and he'll use what he's learning to scam others. The best thing to do is to block him and make sure his details are posted to warn others. You can speak to the police, but there's not really much they can do because of the fact he's in a different country.

Re: Advice for reporting known Josie model scammer

Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:32 am

Thank you so much for your advice - I see your point and had that fear in the back of my mind - I'm a really good hearted person and guilt is my trigger button I just was so angry that my ex brought my child into it so I went into detective mommy protective mode .... From my research I have gathered so many of Her/His aliases and email addresses but the face is the same -
The thing that amazed me is some of the Skype convo this person actually carried on a convo with him and could in no way have been a scrubbed call as a current football game was mentioned so how they have the technology to respond to some of it is mind boggling - the rest is fairly obvious with a lot of "okay" and "that's nice" I wish we could legally stop them - I thought I found a Ghana website that was trying to put a stop to this but it was probably a scam - I do know some of the more affluent souls who lost 50-100k+ in these scams have had some luck prosecuting and obtaining some monetary relief but their pockets were deep enough to do battle against not only the scammer but the country that protects their dastardly deeds -
if you wish to obtain info from me offline that is in more detail I am not opposed I just am going through the worst divorce and don't want to provoke any more animosity or ammunition from my ex - I am also fearful of the fallout as I am on the opposite side of this and don't want to provoke problems for myself - I really hope I can be of help and that you can appreciate the current need to protect myself -

Re: Advice for reporting known Josie model scammer

Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:58 am

I wish you the best of luck through your hard times right now, you should really stop contacting the scammer though they feed off your needs and try to suck there way into your life.
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