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Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.

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Can I Trust You ? My name is El Hamza Rahmanne a native of Syria


15 Sep at 12:58

Can I Trust You ?

My name is El Hamza Rahmanne a native of Syria, the only surviving Child of a business mogul Khalid Rahmanne the owner of el-Vetracons Construction Company

and el- Bonet oil and gas. Who was killed on November, 23rd 2017 By the Islamic terror group ISIS at the Ongoing War in Syria together with my mother and

two sisters and a Relative he was aged 77.

Please I need your urgent help, to transfer the sum of $45M Fourty Five Million dollars left behind by my late father into a foreign Account. I hope to

relocate very soon and move on with my reaming Miserable life. I am 17 years old, and have no experience in any kind of business, as I will be counting on

your guidance to archive this Dream.

The $45M Fourty Five Million dollars is currently Saved in a foreing Account, were other valuable items like Diamonds, gold’s and some precious stones

including Jewelries and his investments documents are all saved. I shall furnish you with more details as soon as I Receive your reply at

Note: I am in a refugee camp for safety. Kindly help me move out Syria and the entire Arab world, before Evil-minded Leaders and their allies kill all of us.

Thanks very much as you give this mail your urgent attention.

Best regards,
El Hamza Rahmanne
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