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Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.

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Hello My Dear love,
How are you today? I hope you are in good health and doing well in your chosen field of life endeavors. Do forgive me for keeping so long from writing you , the fault is not actually from me , it is as a result of the delay in concluding the transfer and investing my funds which you once tried to assist me to transfer and invest in your country.

I received huge assistance from a Spanish businessman based in London who helped me to negotiate and settle every aspect of financial involvement in the transaction and also in investing the fund. I did not forget the efforts you made to help me , i know that you tried your very best to assist me although things did not work for both of us. Because of the efforts you made toward assisting me and the great love and concern you showed me during the period we were communicating with each other, i was moved to issue a Cheque of $300,000 USA Dollars in your name. I did this because, God has blessed me with uncountable things hence my decision to compensate you.

You should contact the bank Transferring Manager Dr.Ralph Muller, and ask him to send the cheque to you. You have to contact him through his email address at ( ) When contacting him , you should introduce yourself very clearly to him. I have already given him your details and explained to him how you tried to help me during the most turbulent and deplorable period in my life.

When contacting Transferring Manager Dr.Ralph Muller, you should mention the exact amount of money in the cheque so that he will not have any reason to doubt whether you are the actual person i told him to send the cheque to you.
Do not forget to tell him that you are my friend and foreign business partner. You should inform me immediately you receive the cheque from Transferring Manager Dr.Ralph Muller
You can call me:- +447043312207

With all my love,

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