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Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.
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Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:39 pm

Good morning darling, I thank you so much for your kind effort to see how to save my soul

and to restore me back to normal way of living life. It is my prayer for God almighty to make your day be long Amen.

I appreciate your devoting time to ensure that you secure the documents through which that can enable the bank to wire my late father's fund to your account so i can have better thing to do in life for my living,

I pray that God will grant you more grace to put everything in order.

I want to use this opportunity to make a suggestion as i had raid what you wrote to the lawyer, well to my understanding about those networks like Western Union, MoneyGram, Africash and other related network like that, it just to help for easy and quick services in case any delay in going through bank process.

There is nothing difficulty in using the western Union or moneygram since there is some difficulty with the bank account.

I plead with you to have this understanding since you really wish to assist me in this fund tranfer and to bring me out of this ugly situation that am into.

In case maybe you try the account today then it still result with the same problem kindly use one of those network to send the money to the lawyer to get us all this necessary documents okay.
I told the clergy man in charged of the camp refugee here to call the lawyer and ask him whether the account is through, He did so and the lawyer said the account he gave you is functioning well maybe you are not interested to help me. But i said NO You are interested to help me by the grace of God.But the account can be the problem which i know you will understand and then use any of those easest means to send the money for him.
God bless you for your kind understanding and co-orperationn.

Once more thank you for sending the money to the lawyer. kindly keep me posted.

Miss Vera from refugee camp.

Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:24 pm

Hello dearest,

how are you doing today over there in your country hope fine with you and your entirely family?? I hope that one day i will be part of the family which has being my prayer.

I saw your mail this mornig and was some how unhappy because of the same issue of the account and can now realised that you are still in sisting on using bank account to send the money which will still cost more and more time to deliever, well no problem.

Since it is so i will still plead with the lawyer to help in giving you another account so you can send him the money.

Once you hear from you him the lawyer kindly keep me posted.

Looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:41 pm

Hello dear, Good morning and how are you doing today hope fine.

I always appreciate your kind effort of saving my soul out of this place and how to see that you will receive this money on your behalf and for me to come to your country together with your family and to begin an investments.

God in heaven shall reward you with his infinite mercy amen.

I told the clergman in charged of the camp refugee here to contact the lawyer on how to give you another account which he told me that he did it yesterday and i am writing to know if you have hear from the lawyer or not?

Please which ever way you are doing with him kindly keep me posted okay.

Yours only angel,


Attn. Sir,

As lawyer required to deliver all papers to which the client is entitled in an orderly and prompt manner.

Consequently, I hereby inform you that this is the last opportunity you have to send the money with the new account below:

Bank Name.................Bank OF Africa Senegal

Account Name...........Dumbuya Idrissa

Account No................02924350001

Swift Code.................AFRISNDAXXX

Bank Code................SN100

Code Guichet............01005


Iban.....................SN08 SN1000100500292435000143

Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:35 pm

Dearest, am happy to hear from you and to see that the lawyer had given you another bank account, Well i will be happy to hear that you have send the money with the new account, so that the lawyer can proceed with the paper work. Looking forward to hear from you soonest,


Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:29 pm

Hi dearest, Good day and how are doing today over there in your country and your family hope fine? I missed your mail today hope fine with you?

Please i want to hear the update from you soonest, Vera

Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:06 pm

Hello dear, i missed you a lot hope all is well with you dearest? Please i will like to hear from you because am worried about your silent please!!!

Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:54 am


I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting funds transferred under the cooperation of a new London partner. I am currently in London UK for investment projects, with my new partner, who is also my husband. Meanwhile, I have not forgotten their efforts and attempts to help me in transferring these funds, even though it failed us somehow past. Now you will need to contact our reverend pastor email address is the following ( ) Mobile Phone. (+ 221-778225102)

Ask the reverend pastor to send you a certified draft bank ($ 450,000.00) administrative check (three hundred thousand US dollars) that I prepared and maintained for your compensation for all past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated their efforts in season very much. So at ease and get in touch with Pastor Rev and instruct him where to send him the money.

Please let me know immediately receive it, so that we can share our joy after all the sufferings of the season. At the moment I am very busy here because the investment projects that I and my new partner are having on hand finally remember that I had sent instructions to Pastor Rev on their behalf to receive that money. So do not hesitate to contact the Reverend pastor and he will send the value to you without delay. Take care and goodbye for now.

Thank you.

Sat May 06, 2017 10:36 pm


My dear,

I am very pleased to report my success in transferring funds under the cooperation of a new partner in London. I am currently in the UK London for investment projects, with my new partner who is also my husband. Meanwhile, I do not forget your past efforts and I tried to help me transfer that money even if it failed us.

This morning I received the email and also called Rev Africa here in London. As for the check that was deposited on the ATM card, I left $ 450 000 to you because your compensation to help me that we are not surprised that you have not yet received the check that you from him. I was informed this afternoon by the Rev. recorded the check to DHL as ATM card for delivery to your home address and DHL now want to hear from you because they want to send your delivery depilomatic to deliver to your customers pascel In your country, contact us Immediately DHL's office so they know how to find you when they have succeeded country, they also made it clear that he tried to ensure you receive the check.

Contact DHL Express Headquarters: Senegal
DHL Senegal S.A.R.L.
FX Street Rue Léon Damas
Fann Residence
Phone + 221-708668290
Https:/ /


Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:24 am

DHL File package Section 1

I hope everything is okay? I do not know if you have forgotten Hope you are Ok and have sense of understanding to value what you have not untile you lose it.your fund chequce ( $450.000.00) which was drop here by Rev giving to you by a young lady name vera kone for long time ago who is now married and leave with his husband in London to deliver to you in your country toworse helping her when she was in africa to our company to deliver to you Note for any costumer saying any force information against our company we due informed you.the only information we have about the young lady Change
Vera Kone and her Email for your record advice you to search her email and her name vera kone in your box if you know her.

on 28/11/2017 meeting Dhl company meeting staff bord directors concluded to informed you the problem we are having from the monitoring unite 3weeks ago to monitor costumers chequce not to charge company money trafic money Lundring as we provid the insurance certificate to you avoid issue ternishing the reputation of the company dhl couriee service we demand you should take your belonging.

You are to informed you to send your posting fees of your parcel which you are responsible for the charges $120 giving you maxmum days 6TH DECEMBER to recived your payment for your delivering, Else your parcel will be terminated.we shall need your information to be sure deling with right person and where you wish us to deliver your parcel.

Our periot is to render a good service to all our costumer.

Thanks for your understanding
Director of operation DHL Senegal
Mr josé augusto lopes

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
From: DHLExpress Shipping <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017
Subject: DHL File package Section 1
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