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Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.

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profile on date o mat but already deleted by admin.



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Hello My Dear
I am more than happy and also very excited and glad meeting with you. Also very happy to write you again, thanks for given me your time today. How is your day?. Mine is a bit cold over here in Dakar-Senegal of West Africa. How about your family, altogether with friends and work?. I hope all are okay. My name is Miss Rodeina Kuku. Rodeina is my Christian name while Kuku is my surname meaning goodness in our local language. I am 24 years old hailed from Sierra Leone in West Africa, I am 5.6ft tall, Fair in complexion, single and never married. I enjoy games, cooking, singing, reading, traveling and meeting people with honesty and caring character. However, presently i am residing in the Humanitarian Home here in Dakar-Senegal as a result of the political/religious crisis that have been causing problems in my Country.
Above all, My Late Father Dr. Vincent Kuku was a Mechanized Farmer & he was the rightful owner of Veno Farms & Poultry Ltd, in my Country while my Mother was the Managing Director of Sierra Leonian Groups Gold And Diamond Mining Company of Sierra Leone then, before the tragic war which claimed their life and now left me as an Orphan, though i managed to make my way to a near by Country, Senegal where i am leaving now. I would like to know more about. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here are my pictures!.
Yours Loved One,
Miss Rodeina Kuku
my dear scammer;

im on my way to west africa countries after to die jeejejejejej.
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