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Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.

Unread postby Big Al » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:40 am

From: Marie Gbagbo
Address, Netherlands


Greetings, I got your esteem contact out of desperate, am working with my father's directive I am the daughter of ex President Gbagbo, of (Republic of Cote d' Ivoire). My names are Marie Antoinette Singleton Gbagbo. In 2010 Presidential Election in (Republic of Cote d' Ivoire) there was a serious conflict between my father and the main opposition leader, Mr. Alassane Ouattara currently the President of (REPUBLIC OF COTE D' IVOIRE).

The conflict resulted to my father's arrest, whom presently facing prosecution and awaiting trial under the United Nation for genocide at the International Criminal Court (ICC) Netherlands, Currently am in Netherlands because of my father first trial on Feb 3, 2016, you can reach me on my number +31858886392.

My father told me privately that i should try and start building my spirit for the inevitable also gave me information of a security Vault Brussels Belgium where he made deposit of huge funds while he instructed that the funds should be invested properly in a profitable oriented investment of less tax.

Please if you are business oriented and you know a very good investment you can do with our funds get back to me as soon as possible so we have mutual agreement.

Please if you find this letter offensive ignore it and accept my apology

Warmest Regards
Ms.Marie Gbagbo

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Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2017
Subject: Dearest Greetings wrote:Header Analysis Quick Report<br>Originating IP:<br>Originating ISP: Glomobile<br> City: Accra<br>Country of Origin: Ghana<br>* For a complete report on this email header goto ipTRACKERonline

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Country or destination Netherlands
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Unread postby Wayne » Fri Jul 23, 2021 11:56 pm

Re:Discovered Fund

Imf-International Monetary Fund <>

Fri, 23 Jul at 13:19

International Monetary Fund

Dear Beneficiary,

As the new IMF CEO, I have discovered some irregularities in your payment file which needs an urgent attenuation. It is very important you get back to me very quickly for a detailed brief on an ongoing plot to steal your contract inheritance fund under a false report that you are dead.

As I write, all approvals, charges and taxes associated with the processing and release of this fund to the Post Finance Bank account in Bern Switzerland have been completed. So, you MUST stop deflating this move by immediately writing to the paying authority that you are still alive and as well against the lies told by the fraudulent group and his cohorts. Do not doubt this information nor treat it with contempt.

You will get to know more about this upon your response because I shall give you all available hidden information as far as I know. I await your urgent reaction to this so I can give you details and the right office to contact in order to swiftly foil this fraud. We come to know that you are in-title to inherit a huge sum after your struggle to receive your payment but all to no avail, but with this information, I promise serious attention must be given to this time.


Yours Partner,

Natalia A. Koliadina
IMF, P.O. Box 3100, Accra Main
First Floor, Anysia Building
No.17 Ringway Estates, Accra

Yours Sincerely
Respectfully Yours,
Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva (CEO IMF
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