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Reporting to that Countries Cybercrime Dept

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Reporting to that Countries Cybercrime Dept

Unread postby WhatAHeadache » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:43 pm


Newbie here. So, this freaked me the heck out...and in a way taught me a lesson...find a nice girl and drop the Cam-to-Cam fetish/addiction/whatever one might call it...I do admit it's partially my fault for not controlling my...primal instincts when I should have known better, but, live and learn, and maybe have your friends laugh at you if anything does happen.

Anyhow, I digress, after the crappy poker face for a few hours and the sheer terror... an old college persona kicked in and I decided to be resourceful. First things first, I was able to capture the actual IP address (a Philippines IP and I was even able to locate the ISP), and a lot of useful network information with some...educational pages about getting information from Skype (not just the server IP).

So, I compiled a list of all the information I could, did some IP searching via proxy on the web and found a ton of information regarding this person IP. I did some research to find some type of police department in that region, I amazingly found an English based contact address ( I contacted their ISP and reported the IP address and that it was being used for illegal activities as well as the DOJ-Cybercrime Department in the Philippines with all the information I could capture.

I submitted all the information I could them and surprisingly, I got a response from the DOJ in less than 12 hours saying they would have the appropriate branch in that locale investigate.

I could have taken it a step further, but I felt it would be best to stop at simply capturing the IP and reporting all the information. I explained it was a scan, cyber-crime, extortion, blackmail, etc, and they even Carbon copied me on the follow up e-mail to the respective department.

What are your thoughts on this course of action?

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Re: Reporting to that Countries Cybercrime Dept

Unread postby SlapHappy » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:55 pm

Reporting to Philippines police is one step you can do, however we suggest reporting to your local police department as the best first step. Most countries where the scammer operates from will not do anything about the scam unless the victim has filed a report with their own country's police first.
Reporting to IC3 in the USA if you live there is also recommended. Report to your country's cybercrime unit if one exists, if not in the USA, helps as well. The increased exposure of these scams may result in more resources being allocated to combat them, and more coordination between countries being done.
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Re: Reporting to that Countries Cybercrime Dept

Unread postby WhatAHeadache » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:51 pm

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Thanks, SlapHappy.

I was looking up IC3 after some correspondence with the Philippines DOJ contact who said I could provide him as a contact to our local cybercrime depts if necessary, so at least that connection is established.

I'm going to submit an IC3 complaint with what information I have this evening and provide the contact. Otherwise, my scammer has significantly faded away, consistent 12 hours between a text, I'm not even worried about it, just annoyed at this point. Now I just want to see justice is served (by those who do the justice work), so I figured that submission to IC3 tonight should help.

Random side note, the Podcast 11 really made me laugh, good way to move on.
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