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bank of scotland scam

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bank of scotland scam

Unread postby jam13 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:57 pm

My father received an email from what he thought was the bank of scotland but was a million miles away from a bank the Web page was a perfect copy of the real banks apart from there was no ads for other cards or loans mortgages and such side by side u could only see that which u don't do u once he opened it he was contacted and asked too go online and change his password as someone was trying too get in too his account my father is 76 and thought everything was legit well now that I'm writing on this forum it wasn't legit these scumbag's are praying on our old folks and need too be stopped but that's the thing now with the world one finger tip away they could be anywhere so rarely get caught please be aware
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Re: bank of scotland scam

Unread postby Big Al » Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:06 pm

Dear Jam,
Your Father should go to the real bank and change his password again if he hasn't already. He should also call his bank and inform them what has happened. Can you post a link to the Fake bank website? It can be listed and closed by our Website killing team. Any E-mails you can post along with a Copy of the Header would be helpful too. Please remove any of your Father's Real Life information for the Header or E-mail. By killing the Fake bank site we can save others from becoming victims.

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