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A number of blackmail victims have admitted to us that they suffer from sex addiction, so we reached out to
Paula Hall at and she wrote this intro as well as a link to a site that offers free help for those who suffer from sex addiction.

Sex Addiction

Being scammed online is perhaps one of the most frightening consequences of sex addiction. And indeed, many people may not even realize they’re addicted until the bottom falls out of their life.
Others with sex addiction may have tried many times to stop and have failed. They know that their secret sex lives are spiraling out of control but feel powerless to change their desires or behavior. Sexual addiction is fuelled by shame. As the addict feels themselves becoming increasingly dependent on a lifestyle that offends their own personal values, their sense of shame increases. And as their shame increases so does their need to escape the pain. And what better way to escape but into the drug of choice. And so the cycle continues.
The internet is a particularly powerful place for sexual stimuli and regrettably an increasing number of people are getting caught in the downward spiral of compulsive sexual behaviors. Behaviors that often lead them to do things they never dreamed of and put themselves and their loved ones at risk.
If you think your sexual behavior have got out of control and you ma be addicted to sex, you can get much more information at And for completely free self help, you can download the tried and tested Kick Start Recovery Program at
Click HERE for webcam blackmail/sextortion help.
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