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Ask here if you're unsure whether or not you're dealing with a scammer, and we can help. This section is hidden from search engines.
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Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:19 pm


You were right!

Today she finally asked me to send her money so she can buy the plane ticket herself because she doesn't feel comfortable me buying the ticket for her and she doesn't want me to come visit her either. Now its a rush for me to send her the money as soon as possible because she cannot wait to see me and cannot wait for cheaper cost tickets from a month or two from now. She insists on only coming to visit me and that to do so I must send her money for the cost of the plane tickets. She of course found the most expensive cost of plan tickets almost double of the cost I was able to find. So instead of going with the suggestion of getting the cheaper cost tickets she says she needs to use her airlines that she has used before and thus I need to send the money for the higher priced tickets to her.

She now wants me to send her money as soon as possible! Its suddenly become urgent I send her money now.

I am not going to send her any money but out of curiosity I asked her how much money does she want me to send her. Keep in mind she offered to buy her own tickets and said she did not want my money previously. She replied that she wants me to send her money to cover the full cost of the round trip tickets. Then she says she loves me very much and can't wait to see me in person.

If she truly loves me and truly wanted to pay for her own tickets then why not only ask for half of the cost of the tickets or even a portion? She is not willing to pay a dime towards the cost of the tickets because she is not planning on visiting me at all. She plans to take my money and run!

Should I post her name, phone number and pictures to this forum now?

PS - should we move this thread to the Topic "Romance Scams" since I met her in Tinder? Everyone should know that if the woman asks you to talk with her on WhatsAPP and then disappears on Tinder or unmatched you on Tinder then she is likely working on an angle to scam you through WhatsAPP especially if she does not live close to you where you can easily meet up with her in person.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:33 pm

@Big Al

She wants me to send her money using Bitcoin. What information do I need from her or what information would you need to know? I wont send anything but I am not familiar with how Bitcoin works.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:36 pm

We recommend that you stop all contact with the scammer.
Do not tell "her" you know she is a scammer.
Do not send "her" to this anti-scam website.
I put "her" in Quotes because Russian scammers are almost exclusively male.
The scammer has your personal information like phone number address etc.
You are dealing with a hardened criminal and you wouldn't want anything bad to happen because of your actions.
Hopefully you did not send a copy of your ID or Passport.
If you did, then you should have your credit frozen.
We are seeing more cases where scammers are using ID's and Passports to open real online bank accounts.
They use the accounts to launder money for a while then take out loans.
They default on the loans and the bank goes after the victim to recover their money.

Please post as much information concerning the scammer here.
E-mails, E-mail addresses, Photographs and fake documents, Phone numbers, And any places you were asked to send money like Western Union, The bitcoin address or a bank account are all helpful. Also a link to the Tinder profile if you get get it.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:47 pm

I have talked to her in video chat many times and she is the same girl in the pictures. I don't think the video chat was faked because I asked her questions about herself like what was her favorite color or what does she like to eat or what does she do for work. She gave me specific answers to all of my questions. When I asked her to give me a big smile she smiled. When I asked her to show me the painting on the wall she moved the camera on her phone to do a closeup of the painting. I also had her show me around where she lives and she used her phone camera to give me a tour of her apartment.

I texted her the other day saying I don't like texting so much and I want to see her in person in live video. She initiated a video call with me a few minutes later and I could see her and hear her in live video chat. I think she is scamming other men because she does not always reply right away because she is busy scamming others. Sometimes she says something to me that is out of context and I wondered if she mis-texted me a few times.

I will gather all the information I have so far and post it next.

Here is what she has on me:
My first name only
My Cell phone number
My Pictures (all are of me fully clothed - same photos I posted on Tinder)
My age only but not my date of birth (she does not know what month, day or year)

I never sent her my address, last name, date of birth, or any other personal information.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 8:24 pm

Met on Tinder and she immediately asked me to meet her using WhatsAPP. About a week later she disappeared off Tinder saying she doesn't need Tinder and deleted her account since we can talk using WhatsAPP.

I am unable to attach her photos because they are either too big or they don't meet the size requirements.

@Big Al - Can I email you a ZIP file containing her pictures so you can upload her photos for me?

Scammer Name: Naty
Scammer Phone Number: +7 906-625-32-38
Bitcoin Wallet Number: She said she will send me her bitcoin wallet number shortly which I can post here if it helps report her to the authorities or closes her bitcoin wallet account?

Should I try to get her bitcoin wallet info? Or should I just block her right now and end the conversation? I also don't want to do anything unsafe if we are dealing with organized crime or the Russian mafia.

I do not have any other information. She never sent me her email, full name, address, passport, nor Visa information.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 9:01 pm

Scammer Name: Naty
Scammer Phone Number: +7 906-625-32-38
Bitcoin Wallet Number: 1ELiJxsUsHkAXAv89rC6K3mWbi5JLZefh3

She wants me to transfer $900. I am now going to cut off all communication with her.

I am unable to attach the pictures because they don't meet the size in MB nor the size in pixels. They are high quality photos which I re-saved as JPG to make them smaller in size but they are still too large in MB and too large in pixel size so the this forum will not let me upload the attachements.

Can I send you the attachments as picture files or put them into a ZIP file and email it to you? I have a total of six pictures of her.

Re: Russian Girl On Dating Site Story - A Scam?

Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:10 pm

I have replied to your E-mail.
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