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Hi i need some advice pls

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Hi i need some advice pls

Unread postby lopecini » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:54 pm

Hello i opened a post that was blocked cause all was clear but i need one more advice please ( i am sorry if feels bad i open another post)

Is about the gold scam my father was involved. He didnt go to the metting in monday. since then no news from the scamers, but today i caught him telling with his phone with the scamer ( scamer call my father 3 days later) he wana he put some money for the transport of the gold. I hear my father say to him he dont go to give him one more dolar. That if he want he bring the gold cause he dont go to put any more money.

WTF.... how i can explain to him he have to block all this people from phone? what consecuences can have if he dont block the people and continue talking with scamers ( i believe 99% he open eyes a litle and do go to put more money but still pick the phone when they call) i am fustrated and so desesperated....

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Re: Hi i need some advice pls

Unread postby Big Al » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:10 pm

The topic is locked for a reason. We have told you what your Dad needs to do. Make him do it!

1. Make him go to the police and file a report.
2. Make him go and try to get any payments reversed.
3. Make your father send us the scammer details so others can be warned about the Gold scam.

If he does not block the scammer they will return with excuse after excuse until they can scam him again.

I will add, have your father change his phone number, so they cannot call and convince him to pay, and pay, and pay. -SH

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