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as a client

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as a client

Unread postby Joha » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:09 pm

Nice to E-MEET you, my name is Gil im a U.S resident and would like to buy a commercial office in Lima Peru.
I'm planning to buy the office together with 2 partners name Shimon and Kobi.
I'm looking aq for a lawyer that can assist me with the purchase of the office and protect me and my partner's interest from a legal point of view.
Beside of that, I would like also to talk with somebody that can explain me exactly on the taxes for foreign real estate investors in Peru.
Also, I will require some information regarding the possibility to receive a mortgage for 50% of the asset price, maybe you have some connections with the banks in Peru.
The detail of the asset is an office in San- Isidro 500Sqm and the price is approximately 600K-700K USD.
We also have a company in Peru that is willing to rent it from us for 15k USD per month, so that will reduce the bank risk very much.
I would like to schedule a phone call with you this week so we can discuss this subject.
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