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Engineer from the Netherlands

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Engineer from the Netherlands

Unread postby Neilla146 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:12 am

He said his name was Georgia Walter, his wife died 2 years ago, has a son that lives in the UK with his mom, he was an Engineer, and a Scorpio, he wanted to marry me, referred to me as his Queen, the queen of his heart, he called me his future wife, he wanted to come see me... he was everything I ever wanted. He wanted to come see me. Right after he signed his contracts in Alaska and got his crew up and running. Once he arrived in Alaska there was so much difficulty with the internet though... I asked if there was anything I could do and he said no... the processing of love continued...he said he just needed the IT guy to do his job, apparently he was on an oil rig in Prudhoe Bay Alaska and he needed to log into his account to send money to his vendors in China.i asked if I could help and he said there was nothing I could do. then about a week later he said he wanted to trust me and if I could log into his account for him, he was going to give me all of his passwords and tell me how to wire the funds from his account on his behalf. I followed his instructions exactly and logged in. Looked like a very real bank account for a bank in the United Kingdom. He had close to $8 million in the bank. He told me that once he went to press confirm to do the transfer he was going to get a notification on his phone and then he needed to give it to me and I needed to put it into the box to verify the transferred it all had to be done very quickly. So I did, then he asked me to screenshot a page of the confirmation page and email it to him so I did that. Then he asked me to delete all the information sent for security reasons and I did that also. He was very happy and everything seemed fine. The next day however he sent over an email saying that the bank contacted him saying that they closed his account because of suspicious activity and they would not be doing the wire transfer. He said he was a little freaked out I assured him I didn’t do anything I only logged into the account that one time he said he believed me. He almost never wrote one single sentence without calling me “my love”, “honey” “sweetheart” “darling”.,. Anyway you said he was going to contact his vendors and see if they would credit him since they’ve been doing business for such a long time ... Day later they responded and said that they were but he still have to come up with the money for shipping the equipment to Alaska ... so he said he was going to start calling all the people he knew to ask for money he had asked me for money yet.,, he started saying things like anyone gives him money he will pay them back with interest ... then he asked me for money he asked me how much I could get him and I told him I thought I could give him $5000 ... he asked if I could try and put together $10,000 ... and I immediately knew something was not right ... The next day when he sent over wiring instructions I told him I could not send him money and if he really loved me he would understand ... at this point I was still hoping it was not a scam ... but I was also reading a bunch of stories online and I found one of another woman who said she was also sent set a bank login with instructions to wire funds because they couldn’t do it where they were because the Internet was so bad it was just so much like my story
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Re: Engineer from the Netherlands

Unread postby Big Al » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:21 pm

Can you post more information about this person? E-mails, E-mail addresses, Photographs you were sent, Documents, Phone numbers, Links to social media are all helpful.

Anytime someone you have never met face to face but only through the internet asks you for money or tangible gifts like laptops or cell phones will be a scam 100% of the time.

You should stop all contact with the scammer.
Do not tell him you know he is a scammer.
Then be careful of any new contacts from people you do not know because they often try again.

Please send us a link to the bank you used on his behalf. Depending on whether it was a real bank and real account or just a fake bank the scammer uses to add credibility to the scam. You might need to file a police report as you could be charged with fraud for doing the transfer on his behalf.

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