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Selomar Rami Luca

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Selomar Rami Luca

Unread postby Big Al » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:19 pm

Selomar Rami Luca is one of the scam characters posted as an associate of this website:

Testimonial from a Survivor:

Herewith photo of him and the waybill of the courier company. You will see
that there is a telephone number on the waybill for South Africa
(0218262670). The lady that called me from the Cape Town number is Michael
Brown and she send me the sms for the bank details I have to deposit the
money into. I know some time in September that phone number was still in use
as the courier company.

The people I had to deposit money into for the parcel and the so called
money that was send to me(the fees to put the money into the bank)

Z L.
Acc no: 137214XXXX
Capitec bank

P M.
Acc no: 159384XXXX
Capite bank

Z L.
Acc no: 112393XXXX

The number that appear on my whatsupp group for him is (+4915219319453)





Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination South Africa
City or exchange location Cape Town

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Germany
City or exchange location
Original network provider* Vodafone GmbH / MVNO Lycamobile Germany
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