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Chatrandom Ban Scam?

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Chatrandom Ban Scam?

Unread postby greenriver55 » Tue May 15, 2018 12:13 pm

Hi, I was using Chatrandom ( and was naked. I know.. I didn't use for a long time and didn't noticed that nudity wasn't allowed (despite the warning that I saw clearly latter). My mistake.. they banned me from there. That's fair.

The problem is that when the site reloaded, together with the ban message (30 days) there was my naked picture (the picture was online, it was not saved on my device.. it was on some domain)!

The picture was showing my face also, I don't know how! I was using my mobile with front camera without showing my face! I thought that maybe the image that my camera was capturing shown in the site is smaller than what they are really capturing from the camera. This automatically drove me crazy, and made me think it was a scam!

The ban message and picture would only appear when accessing from the banned IP address. But, anyone with my IP address could see my naked picture (my internet provider share the same valid IP address with many clients)! I'm married and if that got to my family it would be devastating.

Along with the ban message from the site there was an option to unban, paying $10 dollars through Paypal to Chatrandom directly. I thought that this was also a scam to get my information to blackmail me. So I was really confused and anxious, didn't know what to do.. let me picture to anyone with same IP address to see or pay and reveal some of my info, that could be used to blackmail me latter?

After a few days I couldn't take the pressure and payed it using one of my relatives information. Now they got his name and phone. I'm asking him to deactivate his facebook account.

Anyone already gone through a similar situation? Would Chatrandom blackmail someone? I don't know anymore if I entered a "panic mode" and can't get out.. rationally I think it is not a scam, my picture is with the site, not an specific Morocco member.. I payed through paypal.. i have some of they're info also, i could sue. But the possibility that it could be a scam is really driving me crazy.

Latter on I discovered that my picture would only appear on the ban window of the site when I accessed it from my mobile and the same browser I was banned. After googling a little I guess they use IP+useragent(info of the browser) information to discover that and show the picture only to the same IP+browser, since there is no login info on the site.

Any comments or help will be trully apreciated.
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Re: Chatrandom Ban Scam?

Unread postby SlapHappy » Tue May 15, 2018 1:07 pm

Chatrandom is not involved in any payment to unban anyone. Once you are banned, you are banned. That message was not from chatrandom. I suggest you close all your social accounts and reinstall your operating system on your phone and pc. You may have picked up a virus from an unsavory contact.

After a few days I couldn't take the pressure and payed it using one of my relatives information. Now they got his name and phone. I'm asking him to deactivate his facebook account.

But since you did this and involved an innocent third party in your situation and got them involved and leaked their information to whoever is trying to mess with you, your account is being deactivated.

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