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The most valuable thing he took was my peace of mind

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The most valuable thing he took was my peace of mind

Unread postby Joie_rosie » Sat May 12, 2018 10:00 pm

I ended up in a relationship with a guy last year - he contacted me with a wrong number text (I was suspicious) and started calling me for hours to chat.
I fell in love hard - I am a single mum, was gong through a custody battle and in hind sight I was vulnerable.

He would spend 6/7 hours a night on the phone to me, laughing, joking, telling me stories... he was a pilot (huge red flag) orphaned (red flag number two). Those details never mattered - what I fell in love with wasthe caring charming idiot who could spend hours with me talking about nothing.

It was tricky to see him as he was working way flying out of Scotland... but he was moving back soon. But still was able to come and see me some weekends.

Very quickly we became engaged. And then I found out the bomb shell - he was in prison. For tax fraud... had been the whole time! And the reason he could see me was because he was having home leaves for prison resettlement.

This didn't sit right - prison for tax fraud... I did some on line sleuthing and discovered he was in prison for pretending to be a pilot and stealing £123,000 off 3 women.

I wasn't rich - all my money was spent on legal bills fighting my ex. And when I confronted con man, he said that yes he had lied - because he wanted me to like him. But he had fallen in love with me and would never hurt me.

I was so blinded by love I agreed. Even marrying him, in as Islamic ceremony. Changing my religion to become a Muslim. And that of my daughters.

I supported him through prison - paying thousands of pounds to subsidise luxuries in prison. But I repeatedly caught him lying.

He borrowed my car - and when I tracked it he wasn't where he said he was. So I placed a bug the next time he borrowed my car and heard him arranging to meet. Woman, and he gave a fake name. When confronted he admitted to considering scaling her, but said it was for financial reasons as opposed to cheating. And I was so dillusional that this gave me comfort.

He was released three months ago, and spent time with me before returning to his parents. He told me they would object to our marriage as I am white - to give him space to convince them....

I have him £1000 to start himself off and he went home. I could not contact him, he wouldn't text back, he started working nights.... recently working14 in a row.... he promised he would move in soon, but last night after struggling to contact him for 36 hours I called his work whominfmed me he wasn't working....

I threatened to call the police and his probation officer if he didn't call immediately. We had a huge row. He then turned up at 3am and told me wanted a divorce as I was crazy and making threats was unforgivable.

I told him he had obviously conned me - and he scoffed saying it was hardly worth it for £4K. And that I had ruined everything with my temper.

I can't help but feel I have been duped, and now I have exhausted the finances he can get from me, and I am no longer complaint he is on to the next one.

He says the fact that I believe he would con me is more evidence of my craziness.

But I don't think I'm crazy to not trust a man who lies, was in prison for coming people and gas taked £4K from me.

Have I been conned? Because I still love him and want him to Come back. But intelligent enough to know I'm somewhat dillusional.
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Re: The most valuable thing he took was my peace of mind

Unread postby SlapHappy » Sat May 12, 2018 11:57 pm

We do not deal with real life scams here, only scams done online.

Have I been conned?
You know the answer to that question already. If you are not able to convince yourself, print what you have written here, and show it to a dozen people, friends or even strangers. I think it will be unanimous.

Locking this topic.
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