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Want to sue a scammer not sure what to do

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Want to sue a scammer not sure what to do

Unread postby Kilylik » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:00 am

It's kind of embarrassing but I fell for a scammer from an online dating site. I was contacted by this girl online. She was normal and the first month was great. After using the restroom she comes back to me crying in tears. She claimed her uncle is fed up with her and is kicking her out of the house and throwing her belongins out in the trash. I drive her home for the first time. It's a shitty neighborhood not project shitty but a shitty area.

I see what looks like clothing being thrown in the trash. She and this guy argued like crazy and she started crying again. He introduced himself as her uncle and says he thinks I'm a bad influence. I went home and she asked me to see her the next day. I drive over ther not sure what's going on. I find her at the corner crying. She tells me he can't pay for the rent and is fed up she oisn't contributing and kicked her out of the house. She asked for rent money. I said no to her and she starts crying again. For the next hour she tells me her sob story how her parents seperated and the mom remarried leaving her behind with her uncle that doesn't want her. I know a lot of people are going to call me an idiot but I started to loan money to her. I did cared about her at the beginning. However it added up a lot faster then I realize. towards the end of the relationship she asked me to drop her off at her father's house. She was able to find him and he now moved back to the area.

I wanted her to sign an iou and she flipped out on me and attacked me. She blocked my view of the highway as I was dribing and tried to crash my car into other vehicles. She knows I keep my wallet in my breast pocket of my jacket when I'm driving. takes all the cash and shoves it down into her pants. I'm a little shaken up by this and got off the exit that I was going to take anyway. Another car is blocking me that belongs to her friend and she gives the money to him. I later ditched her and went to the police. I have a dashcam that recorded the theft. They refuse to help me.

There was a lot of things that I did not know. Before I ever met her she was on probation on a burglary charge. It was difficult for me to find that info online as it didn't appear on google. She was arrested for contempt of court twice, again before I ever met her. Whoever that man said was her uncle wasn't her real uncle. Her real uncle does not live in that state. That man she said was her father was not her father. The real father was in prision. He took the back of a woman's head and slammed it on to the countertop of a bar and started attacking people in said bar. While in prison sent letters to the woman he attacked with pictures he drew of eyes telling her he's watching her. He is currently released after spending more then a decade in prison. He started his own buisness as a repairman.

She moved to two different states got married and is raising a child with this guy she just met. This guy was arrested in the past for attacking police officers. The photos I found of them looke dlike a normal couple but they aren't normal and I think she may be having a baby with this guy to use him for money. However i do not know anything about their relationship. I talked to a lawyer and he agreed to help me. In fact I don't even have to appear in court.

But I do now know what to do next. if I loose the case should I just forget what happened? She almost drove my car into a minivan and the police refused to help me. I found her aunt and father on facebook. I don't want to contact them because I think both of them are crazy. But at this point just wait for the outcome and give up?
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Re: Want to sue a scammer not sure what to do

Unread postby Big Al » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:13 am

This is a series of events that has happened in your real life rather than online. We deal only with online scams. you should seek advice from your lawyer concerning the actions you want or should take.
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