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Jerry Hillson

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Jerry Hillson

Unread postby Baybay1 » Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:34 pm

Jerry Hillson contacted me on Instagram tonight, we chatted for a while. I had to go and I thought I’d google his name and found it on a Scammers site. All the same information that he told me and this was from 2016 using this name. Very odd
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Re: Jerry Hillson

Unread postby Big Al » Wed Jun 02, 2021 11:11 pm

Hard to tell with just a name. Can you supply more information?

E-mails, E-mail addresses, Photographs, Phone numbers?

Other than that you'll need to go with your gut.
If you think it's a scam then you are better off passing this one by.

I assume this is the topic:
"Look for the lies."
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