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Scammed by Wunmi Aminat aka Annie Yarborough

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Scammed by Wunmi Aminat aka Annie Yarborough

Unread postby clri000 » Mon Mar 29, 2021 3:50 pm

Scammed by Wunmi Aminat aka Annie Yarborough

This person managed to make me believe she's a friend of my wife and managed to make me loan her money for a so called trip to Nigeria to collect money from an inheritance. She signed a loan contract, but -of course- failed to pay me back.

She claimed to have left the USA in August 2018 to arrange and collect 1.5 million USD, her late father left her. Meanwhile we're August 2020 and she still resides in Nigeria because she ran out of funds and can't pay for her return flight. She can't show any proof that this inheritance transaction ever took place and wants me to believe that she solely survives on gifts and loans from her aunt and a few friends. Her (made-up) aunt refuses to call me, and refuses to answer my calls. Her ex partner Linda once called me, stating that she also has been scammed by her, but her story didn't make allot of sense either. Nothing about this person, and everyone involved is true. They cover one lie with another.

Some investigation revealed a few uncomfortable realities about this person. Her phone numbers are all free numbers registered with, VOIP and thus untraceable. She registered Whatsapp on her USA account and her Nigeria number is linked to Whatsapp Business. Some of her Annie photos are found in reverse image searches. I found one of her photos in a Cordova Hindu Dating website. Her response was that they stole her photo.

At some point she even used fake, hard-coded Credit Union websites to make me believe she received the money from her inheritance. and, registered to C_ami S_tern, 13610 Acacia Ave NE, Monticello, Minnesota
She sent me a Photoshopped passport number, Photoshopped photos of documents and hotel bills. Once she called me from Nigeria. Instead of hearing a young girl voice, I heard a rather male-isch voice with a non-US accent. Whatever you ask from this person is impossible. She can't take photos because her cellphone cam is not working. She can't withdraw money from her US account because she has to do it in person she says. When I demand my money back, she says she will pay back but never did and never will.

September 2020 was a turning point. I collected so much evidence againts her that she could not else but confess. She appeared to feel guilty and gave me the whole story, what drove her and how she managed to get away with all her lies. She told me about her 'friends' who talked her into it and the fake laywer, Seun Davids, she rewarded with $1000 for his help. She wants me to believe that her name is Olawunmi (or Omowunmi) Aminat. Her address is '16 Silver Street Off Palm Avenue, Olorunsogo, Mushin Lagos. She claims to go Lagos State Polytechnic school.

For names and addresses of people involved please visit https:/ /
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Re: Scammed by Wunmi Aminat aka Annie Yarborough

Unread postby Big Al » Mon Mar 29, 2021 8:11 pm

Can you post more evidence of the scam?

E-mails (With Headers), E-mail addresses, Photographs and fake documents, Phone numbers, & places you were asked to send money are all helpful.

We are still trying to gather more information concerning this matter.
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