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Virginie Fauvel fraud email

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Virginie Fauvel fraud email

Unread postby Dudo » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:03 pm

Behind the email are three pseudonyms who also use this email:
Toofa-Ruahe Hubert, Bil Dupont, Kova Fauvel and the one that provides it all financially through
BnP Paribas bank Virginia Fauvel. (Amslico Fr., Euler Hermes Hello bank, Cetelem and other positions)
You can also find a contact for a mobile phone: +420 767 947 763 (maybe falsed).
He whedled out 230, -Eur (exactly 6133.80CZK) from me for IBAN in ČSOB Liberec.
Now requires 578, -Eur shipping from AXA bank Paris to my account
and they are already ready in the transfer of AXA banka 2000, -Eur as the future I do not know how long the increased requirements.
The money is to be sent to the IBAN at Ilimity bank Italy in the name of Lucia Guazzoni.
The person for whom they offer loans under these 3 names is in the background Virginia Fauvel from BnP Paribas bank.
Many other fictitious underwater lenders cover its activities and identity.
The robbers can search for their extorted money through her identity and status.
It is best to contact her directly, as she is the only one who can be traced
and you would be able to defend the fraud in front of the police, and to extort the money wasted and add a reaction
You can contact her by email: not real Virginia Fouvel)
I can send attachments on request, such as
all email communication in one file,
loan agreement.pdf,
insurance certificate.pdf (forged by them),
proof of confidence.pdf (falsified by them on the payment of credit insurance in the insurance company MAAF France)
transfer.pdf (falsified by them),
a list of more than 30 websites on which it advertises daily.
If you are interested, please contact me at
I'm reviewing thousands of similar fraudulent credit ads. I am interested in at least one good, evidence-proven positive experience from you
who have found a loan solution through private investors P2P.
Negative experiences will also help me and facilitate sorting into fraudulent and real loans.

Regarding loans, it is necessary to say that I have added to you an ad about fraud, which is being investigated by the police.
There I have already been deceived by a specific amount of money and I have evidence, not suspicion.
I suspect thousands of advertisers with similar fraudulent schemes, but until a particular person sends them at least a portion of the amounts,
who they demand to be paid in advance by adding more and more financial requirements, no one can legally oppose their actions.
In many reported cases, the police will only receive the same complaints and establish the cases.
Even if you give them the identity of the perpetrator revealed by your own investigation, mostly abroad, it will not take the case a step further.
At the same time, he will no longer give you any signal about his (in)activity in the matter.
They will not even let you know that they have accepted your further evidence that you have sent.
Millions of victims will never see a penny of their damage, and the fraudsters' statistics hold a vacuum.
So credit fraudsters can continue their advertisements with impunity on a daily basis.
The one I reported to you on the public portal works with fraud of all known types on 50 advertising portals a day.
It presents itself under many fake identities to make it untraceable,
He/She sends fundamentally forged documents: bank forged, names of signatories fictitious or forged, stamps forged.
The email addresses used in the fraudulent scheme are similar to well-known brands and influential persons.
In e-mail communication, it will never answer the most important risks and concerns. What he is silent about will always be used against you later.
He always plays rude that he doesn't understand your questions. He will never reveal future devious financial requirements before paying the first amount.
All of these fraudsters work for big banks, but the bank always puts their hands away from them when they are already involved in more filth.
It is always one and the same principle to achieve your first payment. The first amount should not exceed 260, -Eur, so as not to be a crime.
The second payment is usually directed to foreign accounts, which can also be 578, -Eur. Third payment prepared is in my case 2000,-Eur(transfer.pdf).
A foreign bank will never provide the identity of a fraudster as to you so to the slovak police.
It certainly never happened in Slovakia that the slovak police demanded this identity in foreign country.
Banks and insurance companies do not publish their emails, where you could complain and if you find an email,
they will never tell you if these people are acting on their behalf. They do not respond to your emails at all.
Without a lawyer, you will always get no answer. The vast majority of these fraudsters are left in the background with a lawyer and have their own translators.
They write good references itself. Good references are always false identities as Roman thanks, Maroš recommends, I am saved by Maria.
Their Cetelem (BnP Paribas) in Slovakia also has a similar one. There you will not add your reference to their website. Hello bank (now also Cetelem) was founded by her.
Now 20.july he/she threaten with penalty. The court could help reveal the identities of those pulling threads from behind. We'll see how the devil has it arranged
and whether the judiciary is still on the side of Christian justice and wants and can reveal the beast.
In conclusion: I have been waiting for 20 days for at least one satisfied customer to respond. Nothing yet. There was no one who succeeded.
If the first one who succeeds is me, I will certainly provide my positive experience to you dear public, with evidentiary attachments where possible(on the web).
At the same time, each of you citizens has a decent amount of insurance premiums for your pension saved at the age of 50 and it should be a matter of course that it will be the first,
who can borrow his own money in our country before retirement age. At the same time, if with an interest rate of 14%, he will increase this his pension
more reliable and for a better standard of living in retirement than that driven by... It would be the first thing that the Integrated Information Society IIS
would of course make available to all of you and defend your rights.
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Re: Virginie Fauvel fraud email

Unread postby Big Al » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:04 pm

I have erased the Slovak version of your post as nobody here can read it. Please keep your responses in English. (Thank you)

Please post the proof of the scam.

E-mails, E-mail addresses, Photographs and fake documents, Phone numbers, & places you were asked to send money like Western Union or bank account details are all helpful. Please remove any of your personal details. We do not need those. Only the details of the scammer.
Thank you,
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