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Unread postby firefly » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:36 pm

Email received:

Hey. how are you today?
I hope you have nice day and nice weather.
Here I decided to write to you the first.
I never thought that fate would lead me to the internet to find his second half.
but in our modern time what only miracles don't occur thanks to the internet. people meet, people disperse.
So I decided to write to you, and it can even get to know you better.
I hope you do not mind, that I wrote to you? :)
I must say that I'm looking at the second half and looking for love.
For some, this will sound strange. but if to think about all of us strange to some extent.
To me 29 years, i am from Russia in the province from the city of Kirov.
i was never married and very lonely now.
There is a wish to meet good man, for a serious relations.
and no matter where we are. distance only formality.
I hope you liked my photos. email me if you are interested in me.
I will send you even other photos :)
I hope for your fast reply, I hope you not make me wait for a long time? :).
see you answer soon...

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Subject: Life is easier without love. But without it there is no significance.
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2019 19:39:51

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Unread postby Big Al » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:29 pm

Hi ! This is Olya :)
Thanks for the quick response.
I am sorry that she did not immediately respond. But now I promise to check mail more often than usual.
I think we can start sharing our photos, life stories, our emotions and culture...
But on one condition, let's do it if we both really want this?
If you feel awkward, or any unwillingness to make contact with me, or do you not like something, then let us immediately confess to each other?
As soon as you or I feel that this is not what I want or what you want, we will immediately write to each other about it.
It is very important for me. Sincerity, respect for each other in every sense.
We are not infinite, like our life, like our desire to love, build, be friends and just live.
I am writing to you with the intention of respecting your personal time and mine,
and I really hope that you understand all this and will answer me sincerely.
Please do not judge me for my English, you must understand that this is not my native language.
I studied it a few years ago, and I could forget something, and I have no one to practice here and my only assistant in this translator.
It helps me sometimes to remember and choose the right words. Please send me some of your latest photos.
I'm serious so please show me your loyalty too. I will hope that in the future we will be very good friends.
I do not know what to say in my letter. This is something new and unusual for me.
But I will try to write you a good letter. Please do not be too hard on my mistakes in words,
English is not my native language. And I hope to improve my poor English proficiency.
while talking to you. My real name is Olga, but friends call me Olya :)
As for me, I am now 29 years old. My birthday is December 2nd. I was born in 1989.
My weight is 59 kilograms with a height of 170 centimeters, I do not smoke, but I am neutral towards alcohol.
it is important to know everything in measure, and this applies not only to alcohol...
I live in the village of Strizhi, it is in Russia. To be more precise, it is in the Kirov region in Russia, not far from the city of Kirov.
I graduated from medical university, if I use more familiar terms.
but to be more precise, this is a higher educational institution that is specialized specifically in medical subjects.
And called the Kirov Medical Academy.
My education consists of 2 levels: school, university.
I studied at school from 6 to 17 years old, and from 18 to 23 years old I studied at the medical academy.
At the moment I am working as an assistant surgeon in a hospital. This is a good job. There are pros and cons of this work.
But more on that later, if you would be interested :) I have been working here for about 5 years.
But in the near future I want to improve my qualifications to work as a primary surgeon.
I like medicine, I like to help people, I like to feel needed and useful at work.
I live alone, I have no children and no my second half in my life.
Sometimes I feel very lonely in the midst of these concrete boxes and city bustle.
Relationship in the past did not work out very well, so I am still alone.
Perhaps for this reason I decided to get to know you.
My loneliness, the desire to love and be loved makes me walk along roads that were once something strange and incomprehensible to me.
But I live here, among hundreds of thousands of people, I feel very lonely.
I am not alone here, but despite this I am still incredibly alone...
I am already 29, as you could understand. I have a house, a job, and friends, but I cannot say that I am happy.
Maybe you felt something like that? Feeling of emptiness, inferiority?
Not because I'm worse than others, but because I can't find a soul mate and a loved one?
I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry, it's hard to write in a non-native language.
but I try to convey all thoughts as I can, as I can. Do not be angry if something seems strange or incomprehensible to you.
Just promise yourself and me that we can learn to understand each other if you really want to.
Promise me that you will always be sincere with me, okay? :)
I'm looking for something that cannot be bought, cannot be sold, cannot be touched... I am overwhelmed with feelings and desires,
But I am afraid of being rejected, afraid of being deceived and used. Therefore, probably often am closed to people.
But for you, I promise, I will always be honest and sincere, it is very important to me.
I would like our communication to be better and more in the future. I am very glad and grateful that you responded to my letter.
I hope that I will be able to write you letters constantly, and you are interested in our communication.
Well, what are you looking for and expecting from a woman? to be your life partner? maybe just a friend or mistress of the house?
Maybe the mom of your children? :) I'm looking for a man with whom I can be happy and feel loved and needed.
Another question I would like to ask, what made you answer my previous letter?
just an interest? sympathy or politeness? or something else? For you the problem is the distance between us?
I hope that our communication will continue. Please tell me also your preferences in women.
I send you some of my photos.
P.S. Uuf, finally I finished this letter - yes, it seems rather large and probably difficult to read.
but I wrote it with great inspiration and tried to tell as much as possible about me..)))
I wish you a good day and I hope to hear from you, Olya


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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019
From: Olya <>

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Unread postby Big Al » Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:44 am

Hi ! How are you today?
I thought that you would send your photo, but you did not do it, I wonder why? :)
I hope in the next letter I can see your photos, okay?
Nevertheless, I am very glad that you decided to continue our communication.
I am now sitting and thinking what else to write about me. That is, I know that much has not written about myself.
But I think you are interested in learning about my family, or at least about the people with whom I care.
I was born and raised in the city of Strizhi. Where now I live to this day.
I do not know where to start this part of my life. I find it very difficult to find the words I need.
and if I take into account that I am writing now not in my native language, I hope you will understand most of what I write.
My parents died when I was 7 years old. According to the official version, it was a car accident.
Since I was too small, I didn’t know everything then and I’d hardly know now.
Many years later, I didn’t have less questions about what happened in that accident. And was it an accident?
Maybe I thought of everything to myself, but I have no one to talk about with this and my whole family was left in the past.
I grew up in an orphanage. from the age of 8, I was forced to give care there. There was an option to find a new family.
But in those days it was difficult in my country. I, like many, grew up in an orphanage.
I think that I had a happy childhood. I remember my parents.
Mom is from Ukraine USSR. But when she was born, the country was one. So, both my parents and I myself were born in the USSR.
But as you know, the country has collapsed and we have remained to live in Russia.
Dad from here, from Russia. I have no relatives here. Only in line with my mother in Ukraine is there an aunt, my mother's sister.
Lately, we have had little contact with her, because of the situation between our countries, everything has become very difficult.
There are no relatives on the father’s side.
He himself grew up in an orphanage. About his childhood, he did not like to talk. Maybe because I was still too small to understand ...
Unfortunately he did not have time to see how I grow up: (I was the only child in the family.
But I remember that my mom and dad often asked me if I wanted a brother or sister? And I think they wanted to make our family even bigger.
Line of fate does not change. and instead of a big family I got loneliness and fear.
But now I grew up, got up on my feet, if we speak figuratively.
Now I am fine and I am glad that I was able to get out and become the one I am to this day.
My parents loved each other very much. Since childhood, I believe in love, big and bright. because she saw such love between my parents.
At least I remembered them very loving each other.
And for myself I decided that I would live with a man whom I would love with all my heart.
I do not want other options, I do not want to live life next to not loved ones.
And I still feel lonely, because it turns out that I have not yet met someone with whom I would be happy.
Of course, I have many acquaintances and friends. But there are almost no truly close friends.
My colleague Lena, one of these friends. She's little older than me.
She is like an older sister to me, which will always help in a difficult moment. Do you have such friends? :)
share with me all that you would like to say in the next letter.
I would be very happy if we become closer and communicate better. Tell me about your family, if you do not mind?
I do not want to climb into your life if you do not want this.
But I only hope for reciprocity and that we will be open with each other in our communication.
Feel free to ask me any questions that you consider important. I will be glad to answer.
I want to know you much better, because you attract me with what you write :)
How long have you been searching for a woman?
What do you think about my character, if we talk about the first impression?
What don't you like about me already or what do you like? :)
I am waiting for a letter from you and I hope you will not keep you waiting long.
Yours Olya

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Unread postby Big Al » Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:57 pm

Hello my dear friend!!!! Sorry that I cannot always answer you quickly, you know I work a lot sometimes,
but I have not lost interest in getting to know you better, I will always answer you even if it takes a little longer.
I am always glad to talk with you and I will be glad see your photos.
Today is a wonderful day, and I am in high spirits, and how are you? I hope all is well.
We celebrate many holidays, most of all New Year's holidays.
Today I woke up early in the morning. Bright streams of the sun made me do it.
They easily penetrate my room and keep me awake because my bed is exactly near the window, which is to the east. I felt very nice and warm.
At such moments, I really want a loving man to wake next to me and hug me.
I hope that I will not live all my life alone :)
I woke up, took a shower, went to the kitchen, prepared breakfast from scrambled eggs, sandwiches,
yogurt and coffee. Then comes the time to go to work. I use public transport to get to work.
but in the morning it really is a nightmare to use it - so many people, the transport is crowded and everyone is in a hurry.
I told my friend Lena about you. I hope you do not mind? Do not think that I am telling her everything about what we write to each other.
I really appreciate our communication and keep everything that should be only between us :)
She is happy for me and you that we write to each other.
Lena says that I need a man who will love and who will really take care of me.
Nowadays, relations are very common, where there is almost no reciprocity and trust. I don't want that.
And probably why I can not find reciprocity so far. love can often be mistaken for pure love.
but it always ends in disappointment. Love passes and feelings quickly pass. and of course no reciprocity.
You know, I really feel lonely very often. And that’s probably why I need faith. Belief in God, faith in the best and bright.
Do you believe in God and what place does religion have in your life?
Do you have any hobbies? or what you like to do in your free time?
I do not have a lot of hobbies or any big hobbies.
I guess there are favorite things that I like to do if I am free from work.
I really like cooking and cooking something tasty. I like baking.
I prefer Russian cuisine, no wonder, is it? :)
but nevertheless, I like Italian cuisine, Eastern European cuisine, a little Asian.
and in general, I always discover something new. I really like literature and classics.
I read a lot in school and while studying at the university. Therefore, this habit has remained with me so far.
From music, I listen to almost any genre. probably with the exception of too hard rock bands.
It all depends on the mood. From films I like adventure pictures, films about love and friendship,
fantastic films about the future and scientific films. And sometimes I like to watch horror movies, but not often.
after all, watching horror movies alone is not the best, especially at night :)
I also go to the gym from time to time to keep myself in shape.
, I never described my character to someone in a letter. And I have no idea how to do it now, but it needs to be done.
After all, it is really important for me that you have a better idea about me.
I can say that I have a good heart, and I can always listen to a person in any matter.
I consider myself a good person, but I have the features of independence.
Probably because since childhood, I used to rely mostly only on myself. And probably for all these years I have become so independent.
I have always appreciated sincerity, honesty and frankness in people.
I am a faithful and devoted person. I can forgive and dislike anger and anger. But honestly, sometimes something can take me out of balance.
But at least I notice it and try to be better. No one in this world is perfect.
All these are obvious features of my character, features that I myself see in myself.
But maybe there is something that is much better seen from the side, so to speak.
I want you to know me more and better, because I would also be glad to know more about you.
Ask me any questions you want in turn. I will be glad to answer them.
Yours Olya

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Unread postby Big Al » Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:03 am

Hello ! How old are you now?
How are you today? what thoughts woke up and how did your day start? :)
I hope everything is good and you have only positive thoughts and good mood in your head.
today I didn’t sleep at work and I feel better and more confident :)
I do not like to be late, because, as usual, this is not welcome in a good working environment.
We went to work with Lena in the morning, had a little time to talk.
As I wrote about her, she also works in the same hospital as me.
But she is not a surgeon, but works in the office of dentistry. Lena always wonders what my nerves of steel are :)
I mean, she knows what I can see in operations.
To be honest, at the very beginning of work it was difficult to get used to tune in to any operation.
After all, during training time there was only a theory.
We often visited the morgues, as a practice during the study were on operations.
And when I began to work as an assistant surgeon, my hands began to shake. After all, human life is always at stake...
It took me about six months to get used to and my hands began to obey me 100.
now I feel much more confident, after almost 5 years of work. and Lena was always there to help and talk when I needed.
In general, always in the most difficult times, she often helps me morally and just happens to be around when she realizes that I need support.
Each of us needs time to come to feelings after great upheavals and hardships in life.
Indeed, after a storm, always, always clouds run away and the sun appears. So in life.
After hard times, we always wish to see a rainbow of colors of life even in spilled gasoline in a puddle. If you understand what I mean? :)
I feel very lonely and I could only share this with Lena. But she has her own personal life, has dreams and goals in life.
She will always help me if I ask. But as a friend, I respect her life and the right to choose in favor of her own happiness.
Even though she always wants the best for me. Therefore, communication with you is like a breath of fresh air for me.
Like a ray of light among the dark clouds. I'm only now beginning to understand how important and necessary I was to meet someone :)
and I think I was lucky to meet you. let not in real time, but still... But who knows what will be ahead between us?
By the way, I have not told you yet, I have a cat who has been living with me for 3 years already, his name is Amur.
My colleague at work part-time volunteer at an animal shelter, she suggested that I start a cat.
To just brighten up my loneliness at home, and I just love cats :)
When I first saw this cat which was still small, I immediately wanted to take it, I really liked it.
I picked him up and he purred and I realized that we would be good friends.
This is the only one who meets me and waits every day. If it were not for him, I do not know what would happen to me from boredom
I heard that if a person has a pet in the house, and if he takes care of him, this pet is a very good house keeper.
Yes, I know, it probably looks very naive to believe in all these signs. But I am a human, and it's easier for me now.
One day, my cat brought a dead mouse to me, because I decided that I needed to take care of and feed :)
I hope that one day at home I will be met not only by my cat, but also by my loving man, my future husband.
By the way, how do you feel about marriage? that is, at the official level? I treat this freely.
For me, first and foremost important feelings, personal relationships with my man. It does not matter whether we are married or not.
It is important how much we want to live together, how much we want to see each other in the same bed every morning.
In other words, the official marriage is not so important for me, but I am not against it. On the other hand, if people love each other, why not?
but each of us has our own point on this topic. So let me know your position? :) Just so I know how you see it all.
I hope I do not really scare you with my openness.
But it's easy for me to communicate with you. therefore, it is difficult for me to force myself to finish writing a letter.
But this must be done, because time is not infinite and I have other concerns for the rest of the day.
I am waiting for a letter from you and just any thoughts. Really looking forward :)
Yours Olya


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Unread postby Big Al » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:06 pm

Hello ! I'm still waiting for your photos, I hope next time you will not forget :) You did not say how old you are!
Thank you very much for your letter, which made my day better again :)
I hope you have the same feeling when you receive my letter.
I really like our correspondence, I'm serious. I consider you my friend, a very good friend and I appreciate it.
I think that you understand me, and it is easy for me to speak with you on any topic.
This is a strange feeling for me and completely new, I hope you can understand me.
I think this is very important for a relationship if both partners want the relationship to grow.
trust is also very important. There can be no serious relationship without trust, I think this is the most important aspect.
And I thank you for being honest with me and open. and for my part, I can say that I will be honest with you further and forever.
It is very important for me to know that you are , always answer me sincerely. let it sometimes not be what I would like to read.
But the fact remains that we must be open and honest with each other. It is important to have trust between us.
I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can.
I would like to know you better from the inside Jerome, because you seem to me very interesting, so I have a question for you:
What qualities would you most appreciate in your future second half?
In my opinion, honesty, loyalty, kindness, sincerity and understanding are very important in a relationship.
And just if we talk about simple human relationships.
And I think that trust plays a crucial role in any relationship. relationship of friends, in the relationship of lovers,
in family relationships, in work relationships and in general everywhere.
That is why I think that 100 trust should be between a man and a woman, they should be able to tell each other everything honestly and directly.
Share all your joys and sorrows. They should say that I fully trust my partner and never doubt him.
If they have problems, they should try to find a joint way to solve this problem.
One should never make it clear to the second half that he or she can be left alone with his fears and challenges in life.
After all, it is incredibly important to feel and know that in our life there is one will give us max warmth and love, just because it loves you.
And I, in turn, will always be ready to respond to such feelings in men. The two halves are one great whole.
What do you think ? What is your opinion on this?
I am looking for a serious relationship. You probably understand me. do you think I'm right?
And do not hesitate to ask me something, I will answer you with great pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Olya


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Unread postby Big Al » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:02 pm

Hello ! I am very glad that you wrote and understood the features of my work.
Sometimes it happens and i just have to go on duty.
I'm still waiting for your photos but you refuse to take at least one photo for me. This is very disappointing.
Why don’t you want to send me at least one of your photos?
, I always look forward to your letters and often ask myself questions about what could you write? :)
In other words, it is always interesting for me to know your thoughts, to understand and see how you write, what you write.
It gives me a bigger and better idea of you as a man. And I really like you the way you are now.
Here I would like to tell about myself, about why I am still alone.
To be honest, I myself often ask myself this question. but I cannot find a definite answer.
My last relationship ended about two and a half years ago, in early 2017.
They lasted about two years. in which there was happiness and love, as it seemed to me.
But in the end it all came down to the fact that I was needed only for sex and no serious plans for the family :(
I really wanted to love and be loved. Sometimes the desire to love overshadows my eyes and I stopped to see obvious things.
The man whom I loved had a different life, in another city...
I think nothing more to say. you probably understand what was happening inside me when I realized and understood this.
He never told me about it. He worked and lived in Kirov for about two years, while we met.
He said that he was not married and had no children. It was a dizzying novel, oceans of feelings and desires.
And through all this I stopped noticing what I needed to see before.
From time to time he left for a week or two to his hometown of Glazov, he left his mother there.
And he helps her by working in a construction company in Kirov. I was okay with this.
As it turned out later, he had a common-law wife and a child, 6 years old. His wife wrote me an email.
He visited her from time to time to Glazov. And I thought he was visiting mom.
I learned everything from her. Not from him. I thought not to write his name, I do not want to remember him.
Nobody has ever done so much pain in my life. My heart was trampled, everything burned inside and I thought, just to not live ...
I simply could not imagine life without him, and at the same time could not imagine life with him.
This is the most painful contradiction within and the wound healed for a long time. It's still hard for me to write about it.
After all, I again begin to feel what I felt then. But I wanted to share this with you.
And I hope it didn't seem overly wrong for you. I think I can and should trust you.
Because trust is very important to you and me.
All people are different and each of us needs a different time to more open up to each other.
But I will be very happy if you understand everything and our communication in the future will only get better :)
In general, most men here need the same thing. Sex without commitment.
Or in relationships, men often show aggression, cruelty, drink a lot and cannot see everything from the side of a woman's eyes.
By their second half. but this is very important, how do you think?
I always sought to understand my man, in everything. We are very similar to all people, men and women.
but still you remain a man, and I am a woman.
Nature has created us so, and probably it makes sense :)
I want a kind and gentle man. I want to love and be loved, I want reciprocity and warmth.
I don't know if it's hard for you or not to read everything I write. But me with you is very easy.
I want to say that I expected that it would be difficult for me to communicate, it is difficult to talk with you about something personal.
but quite the opposite, I feel light and some kind of inspiration always when I communicate with you.
It feels like I've known you all my life, but we just haven't seen each other for a long time. and now we are catching up.
don't you have that feeling? feelings of warmth and lightness when you write to me?
I can tell you everything. and I know that you will always understand. do you understand I have not felt this for a long time :)
And you? What do you feel? What do you feel when you write to me? What do you think when you write me the answer?
Do you remember me when you get mail or during the day you think about me too? :)
I hope that tomorrow you will find my thoughts clear and close to you.
I send you a kiss on the cheek :)
I'll wait for an answer.
Yours Olya


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Unread postby Big Al » Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:52 pm

Hello my dear friend Jerome! Sorry for the delay, but I want you to know, I will always come back to you and I have not forgotten you.
I work very hard. I hope you treat me with understanding. I will always answer you.
I am very glad that you wrote to me. I need your letters, your thoughts and your support.
Every day I often think about you, how you wake up, what you do and what your mood is.
You don’t read at all what I write and still talk about age when I told you that I’m looking for an adult man?
Do you want to stop our communication? Why are you still talking about this? I told you that age does not matter to me,
I like being with you and talking to you. I hope this was the last time. And why haven’t you sent me a single photo yet?
Do you want me to stop sending my photos the same way?
Today I was late for work, because I decided to stay in bed for 5 minutes more and...
And as usually happens, these five 5 minutes were mired per hour:(
As a result, I slept, it was already 7-35 in the morning when I opened my eyes.
and after 20 minutes I was supposed to be in the workplace.
So that you understand, I wake up at 6 in the morning to have time to take a shower, have breakfast and so on.
But this time I have never been going to work so quickly. in the end, I was half an hour late.
And I understood that the day would be hard...
Only one thought makes me happy - in the evening I will come home,
I'll take a bath, change into my favorite home clothes, and drink a cup of green tea.
I get very tired at work. and sometimes you just want to come home and get a good massage.
I myself know how to do massage, since the time I was studying at the institute we were
taught to do medical massage for different parts of the body.
my back and legs get tired during the day. if plus everything happens on two three operations.
I am a senior assistant surgeon, to be more specific. that is, there are always at least 4 people in a room.
Principal surgeon, assistant surgeon, and two junior assistants. but in complex operations up to 6 people are involved.
I have had few such operations. but with experience, I think I will practice more often.
Basically, I operate on various wounds on the body and limbs of moderate severity in the hospital.
In the present complex and serious operations in five years was about 15-20.
I do not remember whether I said to you or not, but we have a military hospital.
Therefore, I can't talk a lot about work, within the framework of non-disclosure.
Just got into the habit of not talking much about work. But in general, I can tell you in general about the work of the surgeon :)
Ohhh, dear I have good news about my work. I do not know whether you will rejoice for me or not,
but I qualify for the post of primary surgeon. and the next three months, I think I will raise :)
I will hope for the best outcome in my promotion at work. and I hope everything will turn out well for me.
I have a good diploma and in fact I can work in very good public clinics within the country.
Plus I can try the practice of working outside the country. Ever wanted to try, like this in other countries?
But still ahead, I hope :) I always liked biology and medicine. Since school years.
and I really hope that I will continue to work in the medical field.
Jerome you have no idea how nice it is sometimes to share with someone good thoughts and news.
You hold a very important place in my life now. a few weeks ago I could not imagine
that meeting someone like you :) just know that I really appreciate our communication.
With every new letter from you, I look forward to getting to know you better. Read something new about you and your life.
I would like to assure you that you can always count on my understanding
and encouragement - I will always support you and, in turn, I will be grateful for your communication and respect for me.
the main thing for me is how honest, thoughtful, colorful and interesting your thoughts are,
words and answers for me. and I am glad that we continue our correspondence.
Do you agree with me? Now I can not imagine life without your letters.
It seems someone is changing my life for the better :)
I am very attached to you and you are the closest man in my life at the moment.
I hope all this is not fleeting and our acquaintance will move to a new level.
I just want to say that I am very happy and glad that we met here on the Internet :)
Wishing you a good end to the day.
Yours Olya

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