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Potter Jackson

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Potter Jackson

Unread postby MidnightM » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:14 pm

http: // www.

"potter Jackson
Simple in nature easily loving ,easily emotional and understanding"


He starts of quite nicely:

Am from United kingdom northern Ireland but now am working in jubilee oil rig southern Atlantic ocean West Africa Ghana

I have son but is 7 years old I got married late because of my job and circumstances
Do u like kids shopping romantic or sexchat?
Do you like to invest?
What are you here for
If you are not like to talk about sex,or invest
Hope you are not harsh type?

Then he gets suspicious:

Tell me about yourself do you get upset so easily?
Have you met foreigners here before
Do you have past or sad story before?
I have met many women online and after falling in love giving them what they want at the end they let me down because am not close I usually Fall in Love so easily am kind hearted person I trust so easily and if I trusted u I can do anything to make you happy and excited because I respect women I value women I adore women I worship women in UK women is important
Can I just see you video call Abit?
Well I will see you before I believe who am speaking with I really have to see you video tonight am working now later take care

Omoiya alaye
How do you know English?
Here is morning 8:39 am

I asked why he speaks other languages:

Listen am from United kingdom northern Ireland because my dad from there but my mom from Ghana because of circumstances my mom divorced when I was a kid and come back to Ghana but my dad got another woman there I usually visit dad before he died now mom also died too

He sends me a copy of his passport (see below) but I tell him I don't believe him or trust him enough to send those pictures he wants. He calls me and a bad video of this person in bed showes up for a few seconds. I still refuse to send him pictures of me. He saw me on the videocall. I demand that he provides another videocall:

You complain too much I don't like it
Do this you complain do that you complain I don't like it
You are so upset esaily

Why are you so much claims you are all in all we all human beings stop complaining if you don't want me fine life goes on
We all matured enough to understand each other huh
If you can not open yourself to me fine I don't want that
I can not call video again
Go to your living room and on television or off
Go out from the kitchen

I gain his trust vith a bad videocall. He has his camera on, I can see his finger blocking the camera:

Am sorry if my word embarrass you is just that I have bad experience before
Now I believed you will all my heart
Then what of if honey with you i can not talk here?
What do you like a man to be doing to make you feel happy all the time
You know I respect women I value women I adore women I worship women and I make women feel like a queen and safe
Because some people are using some one else picture to chat women to decive
You can me on video we see each other to show we are for real
But they can not call you

I think will stop there. He is very demanding and quite rude.
Some pictures he sent me.






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Re: Potter Jackson

Unread postby MidnightM » Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:24 pm

I can't really believe it, but he wanted me to talk to his son. He called. And there was a child talking. This one is using a child for scamming! A young boy, about 10 years old I guess. This ends for me here with this

Our conversation:
Me: But you live in Ghana?

No working here based in UK
No one in my mom house here in Ghana
When my mom was alive I come to visit her
But she is no more
I go back to UK after I got contract here in Ghana through my mom late uncle
So now only me is alive

Even the gold block of my mom here I lose it because my mom didn't explain to me earlier I would have follow the case to the court
Now she died before I found out but no evidence

The only evidence I would have should be from the uncle but he is also late
My mom father has gold land
And my mom is the only daughter

I lost it because my mom didn't explain to me earlier I would have follow the case to the court

But well I will found the lawyer in charge of the case when am ready
So we talk later don't forget our last conversation last night about each other experience

Why u didn't check on me since I was expecting u
Honey where do u rent?
Is it a cheap area?
Honey I don't want you to rent again

Honey I want you to have your own place
Am trying to be part of your family
Don't you wanna accept me?
Honey do you know that I never love any other person the way I loved you
Honey I can not do business from here
Am always tight

I only want you to be handled the business because I don't like the salary you got is poor

Honey where I am now no means of transactions am in a village they discovered oil over there so we are there to develop it

My son is not feeling well in Turkey now but there is nothing I can do because I don't have any access of any thing until am out here
The caretaker is taking care of him
I told my son about you and he was very happy to call you mom
He said he wants to learn Arabic and football academy
He loves football
He really loves you so much
I will give you his hangout you can talk to him one day
They don't allow them to talk video call only chat once a while

Honey I have to send email to those people that gave me a contract I will be right back for you

Honey do you love my son too?
Do you gonna take him like your son?

He doesn't have hangout but I use to talk to him through care taker hangout
I use to talk to him 2 times a week on the Hangout Sunday and Wednesday

(And there are no excuses for not talking to him)
No you will talk to him today because I will also talk to him today

Add him then I have to inform the caretaker to call him

(So I add him, the answer comes immediately)

This is the caretaker wait a minute jany is coming

He is here

Hi mom
Am here

(He calls, and there is this little boy talking. I feel sick listening to it. He gets instructions by an adult, either translating or pointing at a text. They have rehearsed this. I play along not to hurt the child. He hangs up after saying he wants to come to my country and loves me.)

I love your voice
Mom did you love me and my dad?
Dad told me you are good
Did dad told you am not feeling well?
I told him to send me money but he said he can not do anything from where he is
And am worried
He said caretaker to give me money but he said he doesn't have enough to give me
Mom I can not wait to come and visit you

I love you Mom I can not wait to meet you I will respect you I will take you as my mother
I need money the money is $ 3500 but caretaker only provide $1500

My dad use to pay I him back but now my dad is not in a good position to send money and caretaker said he doesn't have up to that amount
Am worried
Mom I love you so much am happy and glad to see you as my mother
Mom I have to go back to class now I love you so much take care of yourself my dad and my XX

Madam your son has gone back to class
The way he can write others are founding it difficult to speak or writing to there people
I use to help him but now I don't have money I only have $1500 to help him
His father is a nice person
He usually pay me back double of anything I spent on his son
Madam am glad your son is intelligent am little jealous
His kind hearted man he is sincere and honest he doesn't play with his son
Well madam I have to go back to my duties anything you want to tell him just drop massage here I will reach him okay?

If you can help him with the remaining $2000 I will give you account to pay and I will be very grateful

Account name : D Özşahin

Bank name : Denizbank

Branch: 9050 Elmadağ / İstanbul Şubesi

Account Number : 12360077-XXX

IBAN Number: TR29 0013 4000 0123 XXXXXXXX

Swift code : DENITRIS

Home address : Bozkurt mahallesi sadri maksudi arsal sokak no 23 konuksever apt kat 5 no 13 Şişli/ Istanbul/ Turkey


I forgot to add the pictures from his Instagram. Here they are:








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Re: Potter Jackson

Unread postby MidnightM » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:34 am

I had completly forgotten about this man. He is showing up every now and then. Last time tonight. And I see his Instagram is active again. So I gathered the facts.

Poater Jackson <>
4. apr. 2019, 21:15
Please can you just tell me the reason why you stopped talking to me ,if I done anything wrong tell me I will ask for forgiveness I can not do anything with you my son is calling you all day he is missing you I don't know what I did wrong or did you son wrong you please talk to me back am dying

Poater Jackson <>
fre. 21. jun., 11:35
You deleted me from hangout and Instagram you called me names you said am fake why are you missing me am still lonely
You said am not a responsible man I guess by now you would have found a responsible man than me . after i showed you love I gave you my time but you see me as bad person just because I asked you to do me a little favor to my son

Poater Jackson <>
22. jun. 2019, 00:01
Send me your WhatsApp number or you can write me on Hangouts

Poater Jackson
22. jun. 2019, 02:24
and each day when the world turns around to face the sun, I’m glad I’m waking up with you. Good morning, my beautiful Angel! As I listen to the rain on the roof, your smile is the bright spot of my morning. I love you, darling. The light in your eyes as you gaze at me is like looking at the sunrise. I can’t look away for a second.

Poater Jackson <>
23. jun. 2019, 12:10
Please add my hangouts we need to discuss

I answer him. Simply to collect more information.

He calls several times. I talk to him but eventually stop answering the phone. I don't have time for hours on the phone with him blaming me for not helping him with money. He starts texting again.
This is June 24th.
Hi dear how are you doing today
Hope you have eaten yet
I am work
Don't forget to talk to me tonight
Please send me your home address your phone number for WhatsApp I just opened WhatsApp here because sometimes network is worried
I need everything please
Stop denying of it I need to write them on my diary
Last time I asked you of them you refused
Today you refused why
I would have called you with your number few months ago
Hi dear are you home
Am expecting your call
I called you in the day time you said you was busy then I expected your call but you couldn't call now am calling is ringing but not picking what is going on
Sometimes there is a friend you can meet in life you will be having hood things but there is some friends you will met and having badluck
All I want you to accept is something's happened for a reason
You so beautiful attractive seductic and exotic stop feeling sad is not good we all human beings we have different characters all need is to understand each other
You see you always talk rubbish I don't like it
You easily got hot temper stop it if not you can not get any man that can live with you
Listen no other man can love you and take your attitude other than me I truly love you I trusted you I can not live with out you I love you with all my heart because you are my only hope my angel my life and my end
Well after you blocked me I have to moved all my money to the security company because I don't have any one to trust again to have my money to invest for me because you are the only one I trusted but you disappointed me because of your difficulties and you thought it is the good thing to left me when you are in truoble but you you forgot that I can help in time of trouble that is why am your truly love
But I still love you and my son always talk about you I will see what I can do
Alright I have already requesting for resignation letter because it would cost me alot now because it will be a bridge of contract
I will come back as soon as possible with your help
Because you are my future wife despite that am far but not far from your heart
Can I hear your voice
Am missing you so much
Have you had lunch?
Alright have you need to rest we talk later please make sure sam eat and you too I love you so much
Am writing a report because our machine developed fault
I will enter inside sea tomorrow
I will take like 45 muniths with oxiggen
My love I will Hold you My love, I will hold you when you are down, I will see you attractive even in your worst look, my love, I will be there for you at your worst moment
Believe me trust me I love you so much and I will be there for you
Honey listen I am simple man by nature I respect women I value women I worship women but I don't like women that over react in everything if I love you so much I will change you to calm down
Lean how to feel sexy word with your man
Learn how to talk or response your mn in a romantic way
I can torelate every character of any woman because am not over react
Am really in love with you if not I would have let you go

Why you never ask me about my son
I told you last time what the caretaker said but you didn't say anything you said I should never talk about money why
How much can you afford
Just send him how much you can afford I will pay you back
Because I know if am in your position I would do anything to help my son since you will pay back all am asking is a favor but you never think of doing anything am surprised
Caretaker has been paying since now caretaker needs money
If you where the one asking I would anything to pay I swear
I wanted to send you money but I can not send money out from here even 1$ Because here you can not send money out but can receive so people send money true courier service express delivery company but am afriad if I send to you your custom will not allow it unless you pay some charges
The delivery company don't even accept not less than 100,000 USD and i can not send 100,000 USD he only needs little money I owe him
If you don't love me and my son let me know
You can not love me and can't be there for my son
Take my son like yours
Any time I talk about my son you got it as a trouble
What of if you don't have a son and is only my son what would you do?
Anytime I asked you to help my son you said you don't have money when you had money did you remember him, besides you are not helping for free am going to pay you back but you see it as a disturbance
Because he is not yours you can not help now the mother is no more and me is not around and you keep discriminating if not that I love you so much I would have thought that you are selfish stingy and self-centered
Oh yeah whatever you will help me solve it wether you like it or not stop discriminating if you can not help my son or we are done am not afriad you leave me it is too much for you every time you treathing me of breaking up you such a character
I can not have you and my son is ineed listen you are really selfish stingy and self-centered because you care for someone around you .you don't have to think that I can not provide my son Because of little help I asked you who do you think you are if you think you can not be with me or help my son when ever I asked forget about us and move on with your life or look for some one that can not ask you for help because I have known that your attitude and character can make you last in any relationship because you only think about yourself you think is esay to get gentle man you are the only woman I come across that is discriminating and have something to say or talking about my job when ever I ask for help it is too bad you feel pompuse and thinking you are God if you can not help my son or we are done
You are not taking care of him since he has been there only was I asked for a favor you refused and start talking many things don't you know different between favor and forcing if you can not control your hot temper your attitude and your selfish stingy and self-centered believe me no man can stay with you before are you the one taking care of my son? Only once I ask the whole world is going to fall now you are saying that I asked you take care of him you are such character woman you can not pretend about it you never think about yourself how you can live with a man who is like you you might kill yourself one day but you don't value you me or know who is right for you if you can not do the favor I asked or we are done
Everytime you keep saying we are done do you think am afriad you think you are the only one in the world you can go that person you think is the best man that can not ask you for anything for all I care
Check your word you throw on me first without respect
You can look for whoever you think is better than me

Fine that is what you want okay you can stay own own let me be am tired of your attitude and no one we want you too because of your boasting hot temper selfish stingy and self-centered

You instult me first how can you tell me that am not man enough to take care of my son just because I asked you a favor am I the only person that ask for help from someone I love before ,why are you so different why you reminding of my exe wife just because my son has no mother if you help my son is that a crime? Why do you hate my son I swear if I am in your condition I will help
If you truly love me you will not agueing with me
If you truly love me you will not telling me that am not man enough to take care of my son just because I asked you for a favor for the first time

You can send my son half please I gonna pay back double
Can you borrow from your colleague?
Honey I will pay back double
You have 1000 Erou you can not help at least half of the money?
As I was talking to you now the caretaker son is sick he use all his money to take care of my son and he needs money now
Honey with your position in your office you can loan money for me and I will pay you back do this for me because if it is me I will do anything to make sure you are happy
Am talking about helping a kid here not me I don't need money you will not even send me the money you will send it in Turkey
Am not happy
This is two times you have been denying me of help
Honey you don't really know what love is talking about your love doesn't reach to help me if you truly love you can do anything to help when I need help that is what is called help
You thought am joking my love for you no man can love you the way I did
Am not using you read well because you are graduate there is different between help me and you must help me

Do what makes you happy because I and my son is not important to your life only your son and your family you can sacrifice to help I have seen your good heart thanks

He calls several times and repeats it over and over again. He sends me pictures. This is the start of a long period of calls and text. He is really persistent. But he alternates between hate and love like a tennis ball in a match.

Honey you are so beautiful attractive and seductic in my heart
Send me your sexy body pictures am missing you
I really want to kiss you tonight
I really want to hug you romance you touch you where you can be excited and Fall for me so that I will climb on top of you tonight
Me: I am not sending any pictures of any part of my body. Maybe my face some other time. Come see or don’t see. That is the issue.
What is wrong now everything you take it personal
You sending me pictures is it a crime ?
Alright all I know is am missing you so much
Honey am just thinking about you since today do you still need kids?
Few days ago we went to sign a contract to the president of Ghana
Oh yeah the picture was taken in Ghana (He talks about the one of the three men in black)
I should be disappointed I you because you can not afford to help my son
You always don't care that is your character i know that you can not treath me with that
It was a mistake emailing you.
Listen if you lose me I don't think there is another man that can understand you more than me
You are selfish stingy and self-centered
You have hot temper you decide so easily
I know you well that is why am following you like va wisev
Not all men will torelate you
If you leave me I will be hurted but I will not kill myself I will take it as destiny
Listen to me I have met your type before and I took my time to know her she finally blocked me like you after some months she unblocked me but it has been too late I told her I can not go on with her after she paid my Son bills twice so think about it am a patient man because my job is hard
I see you are mean
So you always want to break up right?
Now I can see the kind of heart you have goodnight
Suit yourself because you don't heart of gold for me you always want bad thought
You don't want peace Everytime you keep wanting trouble
You are telling me you thought we are done talking
You are mean
Because you don't want to change your attitude you keep wanting trouble
Well I didn't mean to harm you I truly love you but you don't want to understand me and listen to me in many purpose

Since I can only add 10 pictures this story will continue in a new post ...









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Re: Potter Jackson

Unread postby MidnightM » Sat Dec 07, 2019 1:02 am

The next days he calls. I am a bit fed up with being yelled at so I don't answer the phone. Just texting that I am busy.

This is what happens when they don't get what they want. A lecture for a bad victim who doesn't want to believe his story and pay the money. I have had this a few times and can take it. But I do understand it is hard to being told, especially if one is in love with the scammer. Sometimes it is a lot better to block them by now.

You are not saying the truth
You are not been honest to me
Bye bye
Am coming to XXXX but not for u
To surprise you I have already bought house in XXXX
I have been trying to know the kind of woman you are
You are selfish stingy and self-centered
I don't think you can stay with any man
You have pride why you have nothing
You think you are wiser than everyone
Please bye bye
Fine another man who u think is the best
Am not good for u
U think u can just go out there to get good men
If you like you can delete me again like u did before
I have tried to make you change to good but you still have bad attitude
How much is that that makes you thinking that yo have done everything
But you are selfish for some one kid
Other women cares for someone kid
Why you different
Do u think u are richer than me
Listen I never dumped any woman before
They are the ones that dumped and cheated me after my kindness to them
If you think is because of that made you refused to send my son money you are wrong
Because am not poor my problems is I can not send money out from here unless is shipping or online banking and my son doesn't have online banking so get it to your head
Someone who cares only for her things around her is selfish
Someone who doesn't have heart to help outside person is stingy
You don't even care of anything because your concence is not there
If you have concence you will understand what am talking about
You think you are God
Who do you think you are am begging you and you are feeling boasting
I showed you love but you take me for granted
Am not your darling
You will regrect losing me
You care only for your family that is selfish
Make my word not every man will take your way of doing things and you will regrect losing me and it may be too late then take care of yourself
Me: Does it seem to you like I give a damn?
That is your way you are pompuse
You don't accept your bad character
You keep boasting on your bad attitude
You are rude
You don't give a damn that is what you are saying you really need Deliverance
Oh my God you are the one to be discriminating and criticism
You don't watch what you say you talk any how
Think before you reply me
Because you didn't come back for love if not love don't disappeared it only reduce and if the woman is good enough they will make amends and comfortable back again but you only come back to show your attitude and rude
You are the only woman who doesn't want my care love and respect
Every woman I dated would afford to lose me but always cheated me
You know our country we respect women we worship women we adore women we value women and we make women feel like a queen
But I don't know what can over you
Am working in Ghana
My mom from Ghana my Dad UK
I have African blood Because of my mom
My dad from UK
UK is where I was born we treat woman like a queen we respect woman but you don't deserve my Respec because of your way of doing things
My dear every one knows that we respect women over there because women is in charge
I believe one day I will see some one that care for me and my son
You are the only one that said that
You see it is as a wrong when someone you called your love ask you for a favor for his son you see it as the man is wrong abd not responsible
It hurt me when ever you say that because I used to help people
Because I have met some many women and they have cheated me alot
I just want to marry from XXXX that is why
And I thought you will be the one but you changed
They all come for my wealth
Only one truly love me but I don't love her from China lived in USA
She is the one taking care of my son then
Without me asking her to help
When I told her to name her price she spent on my son she said I should forget about it
I got upset when ever you are saying demanding what have I demanding you are funny you have not even help for once talk of demanding again huh
How dare you ordering me to stop talking about money are you crazy
Who do you think you are you can order some men not me
Got mad you
Because you are stingy and selfish that is why you don't want to hear talking about money
Please I don't want to talk again
Is okay
Have something doing

He calls me a few times over the next days. Now he wants to help me with my problems. I decline. It makes him desperate.

I know if I don't write you you will not write me just check here you feel
You never explained to me what happened all you can say is you don't want you like keeping everything to yourself
You don't know if I can help or not
Is that you think you always discriminate everything
You really shouted on me for my care am sorry I boreded you goodnight
I tried to know what is going because you where crying but you always take me as an enemies
You are just been rude can crying solve the situation? I said stop crying is just a pity
Please goodnight is my fault found your trouble

He did not send me all these pictures. They are from his Instagram profile. It takes over a month before he contacts me again. The story continues ...









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Re: Potter Jackson

Unread postby MidnightM » Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:12 pm

A month later:
Why not picking up
Since July 27 you stopped talking to me
I know you don't love me anymore you don't have feelings for me again but please I need a little favor from you please
Please reply me
Can you help me this time?
Little money
400 euro u called asking money
Are you not ashamed of yourself
You are just been unnecessary stingy selfish and self-centered
Get out from my sight
You are drunk that is why you are talking nonsense I will remind you what you said when get well
If you want to get me help my son
He needs help now
F*** u
F*** u
Don't write me again
I need to be alone
I can not have woman that can not contribute when I need help is bullshit

And then suddenly in October 24th.
You are happy living alone
Me: yes, why are you contacting me again?
Yes because you said you can never send my son money what kind of woman said that
You are not poor
500€ is nothing to you
I really love you but you let me down
You don't care about my son
I suppose to be with you last month but you spoiled everything
You made me confused
Nanny is still taking care of the son
You what did you do
Listen is ok if you can not send to him not to remind of how I don't care about him
Don't dare say that again
Keep quiet
Since you can't send the money why talking too much
Only 500 you screaming from morning to night

Suddenly after being quiet for long time, my Hangoutsaccount catches this Dec 7th:

Hey. Can you buck my ticket?
Can you pay for my flight ticket?
Can you pay yes or no don't ask me why
Me:I can. But why should I?
Lol You can. I guess you have money
Am coming Christmas. Am coming to meet you this Xmas
I swear. I have 3 weeks vacation From Monday
Me: Go somewhere else
Am sorry if my word hurts you
Is just because you don't believe me just because i was asking you for help due to I can not access my money from here unless I come out from the sea

He has a story of almost drowning, hospital, surgery but nothing to show for it but a few pictures taken from the internet. Besides his son is dying.

Suddenly his son is texting me from another account

Hi mom
This Kelly
Mom you are hurting my dad
My dad said you don't believe him
Mom you know how much I love you my dad loves you so much
Mom please help my dad I promised you he will come with me this time please I told Dad you are the only one that can help Dad
Do you know who is this
(I wont post this picture. It is of a 10 year old boy in India with kidney failure, taken from the internet.)
Mom go
I don't want you again
You really hurts me and my dad
Please don't right me

This man obviously thinks he can get to me via a child. I block this account.

Dad mom block me I thought she loves me she doesn't even care about me dad you didn't tell mom am sick mom didn't even see me as humans being
You see what he sent that is what you want
I will just end it here is ok
I swear with my father grave my son is real but just because u don't trust me everything around me is suspicious to u

But he keeps begging, yelling, swearing and loving me for another two hours before it is enough;

Even all those while I have been asking you for help I know you have it but you just been stingy
Am not the one on the picture but you heard my voice
I don't know if you are crazy
All I want now is money for my flight
Are you sending or not?
This is my last word to you
Am the one on the picture am the one that is chatting you ypu have lose me out of your selfish self-contained and stringy you can not see me again but i promised you I will come to XXXX just to show you my face and go back so that it will teach you a lesson that not everyone you see you will call liar or say is not real XXX XXX bye bye forever

Then he actually blocked me. Maybe it will last for ... ever this time.

The last of the pictures. He posted a week ago on the Instagram account:

78589132_2495024463880392_8309891243853217792_n.jpg (15.94 KiB) Viewed 1509 times



79233838_1025433784459157_2450224042880270336_n.jpg (10.9 KiB) Viewed 1509 times

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Re: Potter Jackson

Unread postby Big Al » Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:31 pm

Received from MidnightM

Name : J. J.
Zip code: 00233
City : Accra
Transfer: western union
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