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Another Way To Help Prevent Scams: Scamalytics

This section deals specifically with online romance scams.

Another Way To Help Prevent Scams: Scamalytics

Unread postby Wayne » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:36 pm

We've known the guys at Scamalytics for over four years. They deal with the dating sites directly, offering an automated way to prevent scammers and have a service that supplies a database of scammers that the sites can share. This is a paid service, and not one at present available to the public. We're currently looking into ways the work from both our site and theirs can benefit each other. As such, they're looking to gain information from members of our site who were victims of romance scams to add to their database. Below is more information from them, complete with a link to the questionnaire they've created for the purpose:

You can help fight scammers by contributing to Scamalytics' global blacklist of scammers.
Click here:

Scamalytics deals directly with the online dating industry to prevent romance scams. In our findings, every reported scammer can prevent over 150 people on average get scammed.

Scamalytics is also an associate member of the Online Dating Association.
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