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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:00 pm


Hello Dear,how are you?you look so beautiful,i will like to know more about you.can i have your email for a chat?

here is my email address,

Fake profile used:

Paul / PaulGibson1125
51, Roma, Italy
Looking for anything with a girl
aged 45‑65, in Japan.

Picture used:



Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:10 pm


Hello Dear,

Thanks for your response.I really appreciate the way you replied me maybe i should show it by telling you a little about myself.My name is Paul Gibson. I am a widower and i have a Son. I am a Maritime Engineer I am working with Maersk line Shipping/drilling Company (MSLC) and also a drilling expert.I am 51 years old and I have been single since i lost her and my Son is all I have though I do not live with him as he is currently schooling in Finland. I am also the only child of my parents and my wife died of auto crash.
I am currently the chief engineer. As head of Marine Engineering on board ship, i work closely with the Captain, occasionally holding equal rank and when it comes to drilling i lead the team, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control. A challenging job i must say and I am passionate about my work and my contributions. I also use the opportunity giving my work to engage in some other business like supply of crude oil.I'm a simple person who enjoy simple things like going to see a movie, hanging out with friends and reading . What annoys me most is dishonesty and tardiness. I'm here, hoping to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, I know I am ready to settle down, build myself a family with love and understanding. I know this is an unorthodox way to find a partner is the 21st century, anything goes right? I hope this is a good enough introductions for now. Thanks again, hope to read from you again.
Now is your turn to tell me about yourself,what you do,your likes and dislikes and anything you feel like sharing with a stranger who wants to be a friend..
Hope you have a wonderful night..


Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:49 am


Hello Dear,
Am very glad to hear from you.It really gives me joy knowing a little more about you,it nice to have a friend from miles away. I believe conversation is really important in getting to know each other.originally am from US Texas but i have a contract here in italy.I really have a busy schedule but as soon as i find someone to spend the rest of my life with, i will resign from my work and probably continue with the oil business to enable me be close to my partner.My life has been really kind of boring in the pasts years.Its really wonderful to see myself moving on and trying to be happy again.Since the sudden death of my wife,I felt as if the world had fallen apart. For a long time after her death I kept my life very small - work, home, very little socializing and definitely no dating, I just wasn't ready.It took me a long time to get through those dark days after her death - I never thought i can ever get over' something like that. Instead i have to go through it and feel the pain so that i can eventually heal the spirit. But after a while I realized that if I tried to keep my life small and safe so I wouldn't get hurt, I was also cutting myself off from feeling any joy again - because joy and pain are two sides of the same coin.So, gradually I allowed myself to emerge back into the real world again, and here I am, my first attempt at online dating! I've lurked on here for a while, but am now ready to meet new people.It was a very close friend of mine that really introduced me to the site were we met.I have not been here for long.
I hope to meet a decent woman who is looking for a serious relation ship. I am not looking for fun . A real partner whom I would respect, love and pamper.I see you as a matured woman with a unique look and also a kind of fun to be around so i feel we can start as friends and see where it could lead us to. I long for a kind hearted, caring and loving woman whom i will live with for the rest of my days if things work out smoothly... I don't really know what you are searching for but in case you are after a relationship that will lead to marriage and last forever, maybe we should give each other chance in our life to see if we are compatible. But please be informed that i would not have much time to meet and chat with you online all time cause am always busy but i will devote my time a little to know more about you.So let me know what you can always write me on my email..

Your Sincerely
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