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National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) & Singapore Police

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National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) & Singapore Police

Unread postby SlapHappy » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:13 am

If you live in Singapore, there is now a National Hotline to report the scam.

Full article here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=53006

SINGAPORE: In the fight against increasingly sophisticated scams, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) launched a new anti-scam helpline on Sunday (Nov 20) to give advice to the public on such ploys, should they suspect that they have fallen for one.

The anti-scam hotline number, manned by the NCPC, is 1800 722 6688. It operates from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
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