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How Do I... Lookup Company Details Online

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How Do I... Lookup Company Details Online

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Lookup Company Details Online...?
December 23, 2011 Updated May 8, 2014


This article aims to point you the questioner to an official government or sanctioned resource which will assist you in finding out if a company you are dealing with actually exists. This has been put together as part of our main Due Diligence article "Is This Company Genuine - Buyers Guide to 'Do Your Own Due Diligence'" [link].


If you are looking for information regarding Banks and other Financial Institutions worldwide, then you are advised to look through the exceptional list of regulators found at the Artists Against 419 website:-
Old Coaster's List of Bank Regulators around the World [link]
[*]Countries A - C [link]
[*]Countries D - G [link]
[*]Countries H -M [link]
[*]Countries N - S [link]
[*]Countries T - Z [link]
[*]Useful International Sites [link]


Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) [link]

Industry Canada, Federal Corporations [link]
Industry Canada, Provincial Registrars [link]

Great Britain(England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)
Companies House [link]

Hong Kong (added 10th February, 2012)
Cyber Search Centre [link] (credit to rainbow76 at FraudWatchers.ORG)
go to: 'search' => 'company particulars'
enter the 'CR' (company registration) number, or exact company name (English/Chinese)

Republic of Ireland
Companies Registration Office [link]

Federal Commercial Registry Office [link]

United States of America

Alabama|Secretary of State: Government Records Inquiry System
Alaska|Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Arizona|Secretary of State: Tradename & Trademark Department
Arkansas|Secretary of State
California|Secretary of State
Colorado|Secretary of State: Business Division
Connecticut|Secretary of State: Commercial Recording Division
Delaware|Department of State: Division of Corporations
Florida|Department of State: Division of Corporations
Georgia|Secretary of State
Hawaii|Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Idaho|Secretary of State
Illinois|Secretary of State: Certificate of Good Standing
Indiana|Secretary of State
Iowa|Secretary of State
Kansas|Secretary of State
Kentucky|Secretary of State
Louisiana|Secretary of State
Maine|Secretary of State: Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions
Maryland|Department of Assessments & Taxation
Massachusetts|Secretary of State: Corporations Division
Michigan|Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
Minnesota|Secretary of State
Mississippi|Secretary of State
Missouri|Secretary of State
Montana|Secretary of State
Nebraska|Secretary of State
Nevada|Secretary of State
New Hampshire|Secretary of State: Corporation Division
New Jersey|Division of Revenue: Business Records Service
New Mexico|Public Regulation Commission: Corporations Division
New York|Department of State: Division of Corporations, State Records & UCC
North Carolina|Secretary of State
North Dakota|Secretary of State
Ohio|Secretary of State
Oklahoma|Secretary of State
Oregon|Secretary of State: Corporation Division
Pennsylvania|Department of State
Rhode Island|Secretary of State
South Carolina|Secretary of State
South Dakota|Secretary of State
Tennessee|Secretary of State
Texas|Secretary of State (Registration Required), Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Utah|Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
Vermont|Secretary of State: Corporations Division
Virginia|State Corporation Commission
Washington|Secretary of State: Corporations Division
West Virginia|Secretary of State: Business & Licensing
Wisconsin|Department of Financial Institutions
Wyoming|Secretary of State

Miscellaneous District/Territory|
Puerto Rico|Department of State
Virgin Islands|Corporations & Trademarks [No Search Page Available]
Washington D.C.|Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (Registration Required)


If anyone from any nation can help add to this list for their own country, and provide an English translation (where applicable), we would like to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us Form
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