Yes, they recorded your video.  That’s how the scam works.

Yes, they threatened to send it to everyone.  Again, it’s how the scam works.

Yes, we have seen cases like this before.  Thousands of them in fact.  It’s very rare someone is able to tell us something new the scammer did.

Yes, they showed you a list of your friends and family from your Facebook profile.  That’s part and parcel of the scam.

Yes, they threatened to post it if you blocked them.

Yes, we get that you’re afraid to block them just in case.  It’s still essential you do it.

Yes, we’ve seen cases like yours thousands of times before.  Believe me, we know exactly how this scam works.

Yes you can get the video removed if they do post it.  In fact, Youtube usually removes them in less than 5 minutes when reported.

Yes, our steps really do work in over 99.95% of the cases we’ve dealt with.

Yes, you REALLY do have to deactivate Facebook for at least 2 weeks.

Yes, REALLY!  Keep it closed.

Yes, it is essential you don’t “take a peep” in case the scammer has posted anything.  We wouldn’t say it otherwise

Yes, they may try to contact you for a short while.  Ignore them.  They’ll go away.

Yes, paying them is a bad idea.  They’ll just come back demanding more.

Yes, technically they could.  However they don’t.  That’s a cover all answer for the “what if” questions we get.

Yes, they will delete the video.  It’s too risky to keep a hold of it.

Yes, you can contact the police about it.  In fact, we’d always recommend you do.

Does that cover it?