Who do people insist on using the “S” word?

Almost every interview I do, I make a point of saying that scam victims aren’t stupid.  Naive maybe, uninformed, possibly unaware, but not stupid.  Today I see someone again refer to scam victims as stupid, and it pisses me off!  What made this one worse is that it was an “industry insider”.  We have a hard enough time as it is trying to shake perceptions that scam victims are greedy or stupid as it is, without having to fight people within our own ranks who feel it fine to throw this kind of crap around.  I’ve met scam victims face to face on many occasions, and not one of them could be described as “stupid”.  I’ve met people who ran their own companies, who were smart, well spoken and who had simply made an error of judgment.  But yes, let’s go the lazy route and joke about “stupid victims” shall we?