What’s God got to do with it?

Many scammers claim to be religious.  Many seem to got to church.  We’ve even seen the test questions and answers the scammers use have terms like “Question – God.  Answer – is great”.  Yet, they seem to conveniently forget the whole “Thou shalt not steal” bit in the Bible.  Let me try to explain the strange way that scammers can claim to be religious while stealing every penny a person has.  Here’s what we’ve been told.  Scammers do indeed to go church.  They pray (and boy, can they pray if you give them a chance!) and they’re perfectly happy to sing a few hymns with a little prompting.  But – and here’s where it gets strange – they believe that if God gives them a “good paying maga”, then he’s blessing them.  Basically, they believe that if God didn’t want them to scam, then He wouldn’t give them people to scam.  So their belief is “Thou shalt not steal.  Unless you can get away with it, then it’s fine”.  I must have been off ill the week they discussed that amendment to the 10 commandments in Sunday School.