What happens to the information we receive?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, so let’s explain.  Firstly, we get our information from three sources.  The first is ourselves and the accounts we set up specifically to be contacted by scammers.  The second is by people who fill in the forms we created.  Thirdly, people contact us with information after seeing details on our forum.  That last sentence is the key.  The information we get is posted on our forum and made publicly available for everyone.  Not everyone does that.  Some bodies only ever use the information they receive for their own databases, or to be shared with companies.  The general public never get the benefit of being able to search for someone’s email address, phone number etc. and be given proof they’re a scammer.  So this is the main thing the information we receive is used for, getting the word out to the public.  There are however other uses for that information.  Everything we receive gets researched, and sometimes is the key we need to burst open the floodgates with other information.  A single email may for example lead to the discovery of dozens (or even hundreds) of fake websites used by scammers.  With this information we can do some serious damage to the scammers as we have connection we can contact to get these sites closed.  Likewise with bank accounts.  An email with enough proof can lead to a scammer’s assets being frozen.  There’s also the times law enforcement has contacted us about the details we’ve posted asking for more information or how we were able to connect the dots between an email address and a scammer’s real life details.  Every piece of information we’re given is used to track down or financially hurt the scammers.  That’s why we constantly ask for more information.  Information is power.  Information is also the best weapon in the fight against scammers, especially when it’s shared.