What can banks do to help fight Fraud?

I report the bank accounts that are received by Scamsurvivors.com and are being used to commit Fraud to the holding banks. Sometimes it’s as easy as looking up the bank, grabbing an E-mail address, and sending an E-mail. Other times it’s a struggle to say the least. I have some banks that I have to send faxes to like “Bank of Africa Senegal”. They have a Fraud E-mail address listed in their contact us page but it has bounced every time I have tried to use it. The E-mail address even starts with “fraud419”. So does that bank care about Fraud? I seem to get some evidence that my faxes are getting results. I have called banks in the USA and have been told on the phone that they cannot discuss anything Fraud related and they couldn’t even give me an E-mail address or Fax number to their fraud department! I sent that bank a letter in the mail with “Attn: Fraud Department” on it. No idea if it was ever opened.

So what can the banks do to help fight Fraud?

Have a fraud reporting E-mail address posted on their contact page and actually have someone responsible for reading and researching the information received. A lot of victims could be saved jail time and a lot more scammers could be arrested if they did.
Jeff Davies