Vigilante? Hardly.

Vigilante is one of those words we hear thrown around about baiters.  It makes it sound so glamorous.  In reality it couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Most of what we do is in fact pretty mundane.  Certainly I can spend the first 2 hours of the day doing nothing but copy and pasting emails I’ve received from scammers onto our forum, then copy and pasting messages from my fake dating site profiles.  The fun stuff you see with us getting scammers to pose for stupid photos, sing songs down the phone or travel across the border only comes to about 1% of what we do.  The only way we could compare to Batman is if Batman spent all day sitting in front of a computer screen watching CCTV footage from Gotham, then calling the police if he sees a robbery taking place.  You’re not going to see us with our underwear on the outside.  Well, not in public anyway, but that’s a whole other story….