The craziest thing I’ve ever been asked for money by a scammer for.

We will often phone up loan scammers asking for money for crazy things.  Of mine, my favourite was a call when I claimed to need the money for a sex change and then arranged to have a threesome with the scammer and his wife once it was done only to speak to his wife and tell her that her husband had agreed to a threesome, but missed out the whole sex change part.  The best one I’ve ever heard is a scammer that agreed a 16 trillion dollar loan so the baiter could build a death star.  For those unaware, it’s a spaceship made famous in Star Wars.

But how about what the scammers have asked for money for?  There were all kinds of silly ones, but the one that I find funniest is the request for $50 for tampons for the month.  This scammer (who was definitely a male pretending to be a female) seemed to think that a period lasted 3 weeks with a gap of a week until the next one.  It was a crazy bait that ended with my first signed underwear trophy photo.  If you want to read it, check out but beware that it does contain very adult humour and content.