Stay safe.

This week was fun. I had someone call Firefly (our other admin) a “tiresome little bit*h” and then told me to go kill myself when I slapped him for it. Of course it took me all of 10 minutes to get his full name, his phone number, where he works, his DOB, what forums he’s a member of, what operating system he uses on his computer, what computer he uses, exactly where he lives and some other information I won’t mention here. It reminded me of something that happened a while back, where someone was sending abusive text messages to a friend of mine. Being the resident “computer expert”, I was asked to try and help identify where he was. He claimed he was using an “untraceable server” so we’d never find him. What he actually meant of course is that he was using a VPN. That’s all well and good, but what he didn’t know is that we could still see clear as day enough information to identify where he was and what hardware he was using. Some people do the same thing when dealing with scammers. They think they’re well hidden, but in reality the scammer can identify them as simply as if they’d given them their calling card. If you’re going to bait, you ALWAYS have to bait safely. I’ve bent many a rule when it comes to safe baiting, but I always made sure there were safeguards in place. You have to know the rules before knowing how far some can be pushed. Unfortunately not everyone understands that and end up putting themselves in danger. If you want to mess with scammers, always ALWAYS put your own safety above all else.