Sextortion facts and figures based on form submissions.

I have just done some research using information from the last 88 sextortion forms received.  Why 88?  Simply because I rename the CSV file every few days to let the software create a new one and stop the database getting too big and slow.  Each file is labeled with the date it was saved, so I can easily go back and check data from specific dates if needed.   There just so happened to be that many submissions when I did the latest one.  It’s worth noting that not every form has every bit of data filled in.  On with the data:

Out of the 88 forms, the top 5 places the person first met the scammer on were Facebook, OKCupid, Tinder, Skout and Chatrandom.  This made up 59 of the 88 forms.  In the top (or bottom, depending on how you look at it) spot was Facebook who were named a massive 40 times!  Next came OKCupid with 6.  In third place was Tinder with 5.  Joint fourth places were taken by Skout and Chatrandom with 4 apiece.

The largest amount of money demanded was $8000, and the lowest was $100.  Both were from Ivory Coast scammers.

We’re seeing places like Mali show up, which isn’t suprising as it’s a direct neighbour of Ivory Coast.  To simplify things, we’ll group Mali and Ivory Coast together and refer to them as “West Africa”.  Before doing this research, we’d noticed a decided decrease in the number of Moroccan scammers but had no actual figures to confirm this.  Now we do.  24 people sent money to the Philippines, 21 to West Africa and only 3 to Morocco.

So that’s what we discovered by looking into the data.  If you find this useful, please let us know.  If you use this, please credit us.