I could end this blog post after simply repeating the title, but let’s go deeper into it, shall we?  Scammers lie.  Scammers lie for one reason, and that’s to separate you from your money.  They make up stories, they make up excuses, they make up sick family members, they make up companies, they make up disasters, they make up a sense of urgency, they make up threats, they even make up laws for the sole purpose of taking what’s yours.  In one of today’s blackmail forms, there was one of the latest ones we see:

Scammer used law from Italy article N° 74859 of December 3rd 2002 aswell as article 25 of law 765465 of the 7th of October.

Type “765465” into Google and see what you get.  Go to the forum search page on our site (https://scamsurvivors.com/forum/search.php to make it easier for you) and type in  765465.  Go back to Google and type in “Basic Travel Allowance” to see how many times that particular made up fee has reared its ugly head over the years.  These are just two examples of the multiple common lies scammers tell.  Learn what the lies are.  Educate yourself and others.  The more people know about these lies, the less effective they become.

I said at the start I could end this blog post after simply repeating the title.  Now I can.

Scammers lie.