It’s like drinking your own piss in the desert.

During a recent media interview, I spoke about companies that charge scam victims for “help”. The emphasis was on the fact they’re charging people who may already have no money left after the scam for help that’s often free on sites like this one. What we didn’t bring up was what some of these sites offer as part of their paid service. We’ve read reports from people who went to them after being sextorted that they call up the scammers threatening them with law enforcement. That’d be great if it wasn’t for the fact the scammers are able to do this without ever revealing any of their real details. All they’ve actually done is put the person at more risk of their footage being released by the scammer in retaliation. It’s stupid, dangerous and they have the nerve to charge people anything up to several thousand dollars for it. Like drinking your own piss in the desert, if you survive it’s despite it, not because of it.