It’s been a helluva ride these past few months.

So, a quick update on what’s been happening over the past 3 months.  In July, a freak accident meant I sliced the tendon in my pinky finger on my right hand.  This left me with surgery to repair the damage and a 3 month recovery period after.  I was literally working one handed for over two months to do anything.  I couldn’t drive, couldn’t write, couldn’t use a mouse or anything with my right hand for 8 weeks.  I was doing exercises every hour for six weeks to strengthen the repair, then had to switch to a different set of exercises after that for another six weeks.  Any kind of work was pretty much out of the question.  If you’ve seen my FaceBook profile then you’d have seen the slow progression and utter frustration I had to endure.  Today, three months later, I have about 3/4 movement again in my finger.  It’s slow progress, but it’s progress.

I attended iDate during this time.  Date is always a worthwhile conference to attend.  I say this every time, but new contacts were made and new friends were discovered.  It’s always worth attending these, and for a site that spends most of its time pointing out scammers that appear on the kind of sites that appear at these conferences, they actually seemed to like us and what we do.  It’s a huge step up from our first appearance where we were met with quite a lot of barely concealed hostility.  I believe this was our 5th appearance at an iDate, and now people actually seem to get what we do.  We’ve gone from “Who are these people???” to “These people seem to know what they’re talking about and can help us”, and wanting to talk to us.    We’re always willing to talk to any site owner to share what we know with them.  What I am finding is that this is happening more and more each conference we attend.  That’s definitely a good thing.

Now, after all this came the holiday that had been planned since last year.  Big Al, Firefly, my wife and I were going to spend 10 days together in a caravan park (something completely alien to most people) for ten days.  Handwise, I’m almost there.  I can drive again finally, which is the most important thing.  Long story short, we had such a good time that we’re already planning next year’s trip and looking to do the same, just earlier on in the year this time.  The caravan by far outdid our expectations, the entertainment complex was a blast but the entertainment itself sucked big time.  We all had a great time, and the 10 days flew past.

That puts us to now.  My hand is OKish.  It’s still not right, but I need to get on with the stuff I’ve put off all this time.  I can deal with any issues from now on,  There are a number of projects we’re about to begin that will make big changes in the industry.  Quite frankly, we’re all raring to go at this point.  ScamSurvivors may have had a slight blip, but from now on we’re going onward and upward with new vigour!