iDate part 4 – as seen on TV

The last day of iDate started off early as we were scheduled to meet Angus Crawford from the BBC for some filming.  We’ve dealt with Angus before.  Oddly enough, it was when Firefly was in the UK last ready to go to iDate in Germany.  I spent two hours pointing at laptop screens, explaining how scammers work and generally doing all the stuff you do for a TV interview.  For those unaware, I’ll let you into a secret.  When you see the interviewer nodding, that’s recorded after.  Most of you are probably more than aware, but I decided to mention it as it’s something that still makes me laugh when I see it.  We finished filming at around 11am, then Angus and the cameraman went off with FF to record her story while I went downstairs to the conference and a few orange juices and to chat with whoever was around.  No, really, they were orange juices.  When 11:30 rolled around, I had another interview for a program that’s going out at a later date.  It’s the same routine – sit in a chair, feed the mic up your shirt, answer the questions, mention the question in the answer and make a conscious effort  to try not to glance at the camera.  Big Al got to avoid all the TV stuff, so did some work on his laptop before taking a wander around the streets to do some shopping of his own.  That’s how the morning went.  Interviews, cigarettes (did I not mention we’d sneak off for a smoke whenever we could?), hand shaking, small talk making and drinking orange juice.

After lunch, we did a bit of wandering around, looking in shop windows and present shopping before the final panel.  The final panel is exactly as it sounds.  A selection of speakers sit up front and are asked questions about all subjects related to the industry.  We learned a lot of useful things there, but then it was over.  Now we got to put our feet up before the journey the next day where we’d all say our goodbyes.  London was bustling that evening, but we found a Pizza Hut and enjoyed our last meal together before one last sleep.

As our drive out was on a Saturday, traffic wasn’t too bad.  The journey home still took much longer than expected.  First stop was to drop FF off at the airport.  Many hugs were given and many promises to meet again as soon as possible were made.  The original plan was for Big Al and I to meet a fellow baiter on the way home, but the time had gotten on so much that we never had time for that, and I had to reunite him with his family who’d spent the days we were in London enjoying the sights of Wales, in a lay-by just outside of Bristol.  More hugs and promises to meet again soon were given before I set off for the last but one leg of my journey.  First up, a chance to pop in on one of my favourite phone baiters, TheLovelyJill.  I spent a few pleasant hours and enjoyed my first home cooked meal in over a week there, before finally heading for home.  All that driving, and I almost got wiped out by an idiot driver who cut me up just three roundabouts from home!  Once safely home, I handed out presents, did a brief stint online to let everyone know I’d gotten back safe and flopped into my bed.

So what’s happened since then?  Well, I made good on promises to people to contact them with information they’d asked for and waited for the BBC item to be shown.  Unfortunately that’s been delayed until next month due to the court case it was related to being adjourned.  Still, that’s something to look forward to.  All in all it was well worth the effort it took to arrange everything.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I’m already planning the next conference and the next meeting of the ScamSurvivors volunteers.